The umbrella group that calls itself the Belize Unity Alliance, which comprises political candidates from the Vision Inspired by the People, the People’s National Party and all independent candidates have called for the immediate removal of all ministerial CEO and political appointees. In a press release issued today, the BUA says that .“to retain these individuals after the dissolution of the national assembly is unacceptable and that allowing them to continue in their given capacities is a clear conflict of interest since their appointment by nature is political”. Adamant that the matter is quickly addressed, the BUA further states that “the presence of any of these individuals in any governmental capacity affords the past ruling administration to continue to have a clear hand in the administration of the nation and by extension the possible outcome of the election. This is an unfair advantage to all those seeking elected office and must not be condoned. BUA leader, Bobby Lopez, pointed out that the ministry CEO’s appointments and their roles are clearly different from those of Permanent Secretaries. The Belize Unity Alliance additionally demands that no government-assigned vehicle be used for campaigning or electioneering and that no public funds, resources or material is used as financing for any campaign. The response from Belmopan was swift and to the point. A statement from the office of the Prime Minister makes known to the general public that, as stipulated in the Constitution, even though the National Assembly stand dissolved, the continuity of the government is assured. This means, that the Prime Minister and the other ministers of government, including the junior ministers, continue to exercise their respective powers until a new government is constituted after the general election. Section 84, subsection six of the Belize Constitution states, “During the period between the dissolution of the National Assembly and the appointment of a Prime Minister after a general election, the government of Belize shall continue to be administered by the Prime Minister and the other Ministers and Ministers of State of the Government”.