The People’s United Party has strongly condemned the airing of a paid
political advertisement on Television last night. The caricature purports
to depict the Prime Minister engaged in a scene that is distasteful.
Attorney at law Lisa Shoman who is the communications director for the
People’s United Party this afternoon told Love News that even though public
perception is that the advertisement originated in the PUP campaign
arsenal, the party is in no way connected to the distasteful program.

Senator Lisa Shoman – Communications Director, PUP
‘I want to say in the strongest possible terms until it is absolutely clear
that the People’s United Party is not responsible for this contemptible
cartoon caricature. That is the first thing. The second thing is that we
condemn it in the strongest possible terms as being completely base and
absolutely outside the accepted norm of any party political campaign in
Belize or anywhere else.

Patrick Jones – Reporter
“Are you aware that there is talk that this particular commercial emanated
from within the PUP campaign?”

Senator Lisa Shoman – Communications Director, PUP
“I am aware of that and that is precisely what we have been spending the
morning, talking to various people trying to find out, making sure. I can
tell you, this is absolutely not attributable to the work of the People’s
United Party campaign.”

Patrick Jones – Reporter
What can the party do to help in getting that commercial pulled from the

Senator Lisa Shoman – Communications Director, PUP
“As far as I am aware, it is no longer airing. I believe it’s aired once,
I’m not sure if it was more than that, but I am informed that it was at
least once, and even once Patrick, is too much. It absolutely, absolutely
should not be shown in any way, shape or form.”

Patrick Jones – Reporter
Given the political climate, what can be done to ensure that a repeat of
this heinous ad is not perpetrated on the Belizean people?

Senator Lisa Shoman – Communications Director, PUP
“Patrick, the party is absolutely prepared to work along with all other
political parties to ensure that while we may deal with each other’s
policies, the politics of vindictiveness and personal attacks, absolutely
should not be carried out. Politicians because of what they do, know that
there is a certain amount that is attributable to decisions that are made
when one is in office, but the People’s United Party has never been in the
business of attacking people’s personal lives and this one is completely
outside the pails. This is outside the accepted norms and we reject it

In a statement issued this morning from the PUP Secretariat, the party
pours contempt on what is calls a contemptible caricature.