Excuse me but does anyone else see the 800 pound gorilla sitting in the room?

I wonder if the incumbent administration has plans to place commemorative "tombstones" (how apt) in front of the CWBL and BWSL offices to celebrate this little "accomplishment"?

Undoubteldy I'll catch some hell and ill will for being a non-Belizean critical of the current adminsitration and its lack of attention to such matters. I may not be able to vote but that does not mean I dont have a vested interest in the matter. I do, both philosophically and materially. If I didnt contribute to the revenues of the goverment I would not feel it appropriate to comment.

Is a water supply improvement project just too much of a task for the current local and area electorate to handle? and because of that do they shy away from a truly worthy challenge? or is there some other reason? There was a recent thread regarding business opportunities that hung its hat on a significant increase in tourism...oh really?

Please, someone make me eat my words and show me evidence of a concerted effort, a real plan, funded and on paper, that is moving forward to address this issue. I'll gladly eat my words and apologize to both the business, the agency,the SPTC, and our the honorable area representation. I see clocktowers, street monuments, and unfinished public parks, but little else.

It's time the voting population of San Pedro and the island woke up and realised that their favorite parties and elected officials have done nothing meaningful when it comes to significant public works projects. It's time that true public administrators and real stewards of public welfare are elected to office. People that can organize, unify, and gently but firmly move the GOB to put some bedding back into the nest of the goose that lays the golden eggs...

Poultry references aside, thank you Mother Nature for an abundant, and unusually providential rainfall this high season. At least my cisterns are full to overflowing (for the time being).