Tomorrow Bishop Martin High School will be hosting their annual Business Fair at the school grounds starting at 12:00pm.  Today, as preparations got underway, we visited the school in order to find out more about the Business Fair. From what we were able to gather the main purpose of the fair is for students to put in place business aspects that will enhance their ability to become entrepreneurs.

Yasohaira Gongora- Business Teacher

“The third and the fourth formers they will be focusing more on entrepreneurship, they were assigned with the task of coming up with a business idea that they feel that the people will demand taking into consideration aspects such as the marketability of the product or service, quality control measures, government regulations, ethical issues and they then have to engage into the actual production of the goods or provision of the service.  We feel confidence that they are getting the experience, the first hand experience of the roles and responsibilities of a real entrepreneur.”

Hipolito Novelo-Reporter

“Have you ever seen any business prepositions or ideas brought upon third and fourth formers?”

Yasohaira Gongora- Business Teacher

“We feel that all their ideas are unique in some way or the other, all of them have some difference, you will not wee these similar products out there and they have some kind of difference that we feel that the community will be satisfies with the goods and services.”

While the main frame for business is bordered by the intent to produce a specific service or product, the first and second form level students will be adding a slight twist of culture to the equation.

Rozel Arana Flores- Social Studies Teacher

“Basically, the second formers are learning about self employment and they have previously learnt about tourism in Belize and so we as a body decided to have this promotion so that they could understand what it is to be self employed because this is the time that they will be choosing when they go to third form, they will be choosing what career they want to do.  Last year they did the science project and this year they are doing the business fair project and then that should give them an ideas of more or less what they would want to do when they go to third form and so the self employment allow them to learn more about the business aspect, to know how to run a business, to know about profit and loss and things like that and  in the first form level however, we are teaching them about the different cultures in Belize, we have focused on seven major cultures and so the first formers have been divided into seven different groups and they have learnt about all seven cultures and now they would need to display their food, their clothing, their music, and they would also need to present a dance of that particular culture that they are in.”

And there is no better way to show support to the school than by taking part in the fair thus giving a hand in teaching the value of customer relationship in the world of business.

Rozel Arana Flores- Social Studies Teacher

“I want the community to come out and support these young people, so that they could learn that in life people will come out and patronize you and is what they do is excellent and it is good people will continue to come to your business, at the same time we want the kids to learn to have this courtesy, respect so that when the community at large come out they in turn will be getting respect from the kids self serve, customer needs and so on.”

The fair will be opened to the general public and everyone is invited to visit and par t-take in the fun filled event.