Perhaps Keller, but I seem to recall an episode of water shortage last year in high season as well. In additon to shortages there was also documentation and actions taken against the contractor for failure to meet water quality standards as a result of inadequate maintenance and adequate operating supplies (RO membranes).

I'd simply pose the questiuon in general: Do you not also find it odd (if not egregious*) that the public has exposure to contractual "blackmail" or failures of quantity and quality as a result of having such a vital public utility privately owned? (Which of course begs the question who exactly would be better operator, the GOB or a provate firm?) A question; are the facilties owned by CWBL?

If I recall correctly the GOB thorugh its appropriate agency had to step in and give the operator memebranes from its own stores with which to maintain adequate operational reserve and correct matters of substandard water quality.

* I am very much aware that such a statement reflects my lack of exposure and naivety to the way things are, or have been done.