The Village Leaders from Conejo say they don't want US Capital Energy shooting seismic trails through their village lands. They have written to the chief forest officer and the director of petroleum making it clear that the villagers do not want US Capital's seismic trails on their village lands.

Now US Capital has gotten the signatures of 32 men who they say are from Conejo and work with the company. But the Chairman and Alcalde have now signed a latter saying that only 23 villagers work for US capital and besides, it doesn't matter the, quote "cannot deprive the entire Conejo community of its rights over its entire property."

And they say they want compensation for the teials that have already been cut. The villagers are now requesting that a cease and desist order be issued to US Capital Energy. According to SATIIM the De4partement of Petroleum and Geoelogy has promised to do just that.

SATIIM's statement says quote, "This is a landmark action by an indigenous community, proving that the judgments of the Supreme Court can be enforced on the ground through a collective resolve not to be pressured by economically powerful interests."

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