Politics is in the forefront in San Pedro as the election speeds toward us like a freight train. Banners and posters adorn most lampposts with three Mayoral candidates, fourteen Town Councilor candidates, and four Area Representative candidates vying for space.

The San Pedro Sun and Reef Radio/ TV have announced the first ever Area Representative Candidate Debate to be held in Belize. It will be Wednesday 15 February at 7pm in San Pedro.

Monday night on Decision 2012 Bobby Lopez announced his candidacy for Area Representative Belize Rural South as Standard Bearer for the V.I.P. Mr. Lopez resides in Belmopan and owns Hummingbird Furniture that has an outlet in San Pedro where he also maintains a residence. Mr. Lopez is the Chairman of the V.I.P. and Leader of the fledgling Belize Unity Alliance that he conceived over a year ago.

Mel Paz, Independent candidate for Mayor of San Pedro and Marcel Bedran, candidate for Area Representative Cayo North Division, accompanied Mr. Lopez. Mr. Bedran spoke at length about the problems of Cayo North and how we all had the same kinds of problems associated with the red/blue system and how the people wanted a change. He strongly endorsed Bobby for the Area Representative position.

Ms Paz also endorsed Mr. Lopez and complained that the Party teams were telling voters that a split ballot would not count and they must vote straight seven for their vote to count. Of course this not true and everyone has the right to vote for whomsoever he or she chooses and splitting your vote does not ruin your ballot, it will be counted x by x.

Hector Silva, ex PUP Minister, called in and said how much he liked Bobby and expected him to carry on in the traditions of George Price and emphatically endorsed Mr. Lopez in the contest for Area Representative.

Mr. Lopez spoke at length of the history of the V.I.P. in Belmopan and how his son had been victimized in school because of Bobby’s political positions and how he had used it as a learning experience for his son. He spoke of when he founded his business and his intentions of retiring in San Pedro and handing over the business in Belmopan to his son.

Mr. Lopez stated that he had decided to enter the race because there were only two candidates running for Area Representative in San Pedro and he believed the people needed another choice rather than red or blue. Mr. Lopez referred to the V.I.P. as being part of the Independent Movement, which is distinctly different from the Third Party Movement, and stated that as Leader of the B.U.A. he would be visiting all the constituencies countrywide campaigning for the B.U.A. slate. He extolled the accomplishments of the V.I.P. and offered himself to serve the people of San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

Mr. Lopez stated that he had eight pages of notes of recommendations for San Pedro. Job creation was mentioned with focus on the promotion of San Pedro as a tourist destination of all kinds including eco tourism and cruise tourism.

The date for the next edition of Decision 2012 will be announced soon but will be after the live Area Rep debate to be held Wednesday, 15 February 2012 at 7pm.

The Independent