Revive our local Tourism Industry = JOBS, JOBS, JOBS

- Establish a Commitment from Central Government to our Town Council that they will return a bigger and more proportional share of taxes (GST Tax, Income tax and BTB) that are locally collected back into our island.
- Re-nourishment and re-clamation of our Beach
- Introduce Tourism Awareness Education
- Incentives in Tourism Industry w/ tax exemptions & Development Concessions = more investment/expansion in the Tourism Industry
- Increase Tourism Police patrols in downtown San Pedro.
- Implement a Coconut Tree Reforestation Program along the beach with the participation of our school children.
- Participate in DEMA shows and other Dive Show Expos to promote our tourism product.
- Upgrade road from Sir Barry Bowen Bridge to the north-side
- Accessible Tourism Certification/Vocational Training
- Annual Tourism Service Orientation Seminars
- Establish a Cultural Center for Arts/crafts & Cultural Traditions.
- Identify and Manage all our Mayan Mounds around Ambergris Caye
- Protect..Protect.. Our Belize Barrier Reef from any Oil Drilling
- Social-partnership w/ NGO’s in protecting green areas
- Do an island Tourism Master Plan along w/ Tourism Committees
- Ensure local labour force are protected/respected by Labour Laws
- Labour Department is accessible to both Employees and Employers
- Implement a "Keep La Isla Bonita" Program and clean our Beaches

Vote Patty Arceo for Area Representative
“Cuenta Conmigo” “Count On Me”