Maria Novelo reporting…
“The motionless body of 27-year-old Miguel Martinez, a resident of San
Pedro Town was discovered sometime after five thirty this morning in a
prison cell in which he was detained by officers in the San Pedro Police
Station. Officials here have been tight-lipped about the incident; but area
representative Manuel Heredia was briefed by officer commanding the police
station. Heredia spoke to Love News shortly after and informed us of the

Manuel Heredia – Area Representative
“Early this morning Mr. Arceo called about five this morning that this guy
was with a machete giving trouble in the area and the Police went over
there and the buy had left and right in front of Phoenix and Ecological
Divers the two security, one from each one detained the guy with the
machete, called the police and he was escorted to the station whereby when
they checked later on the guy was dead. They called the doctor and the
doctor pronounced that he was dead. According to the police they have
allowed the family to look at the body that there is no physical sign of
brutality or so.”

Dr. Javier Zuniga pronounced him dead around eight thirty this morning.
Zuniga says Martinez was seen lying down with handcuffs in the cell with no
apparent wound. Zuniga mentioned that Martinez showed signs of psychotic
behaviour when he was admitted sometime last week.

Manuel Heredia – Area Representative
“They called from the Poly Clinic that this guy was behaving in a
disrespectful manner, even getting naked. They locked him up, the doctor
gave him a injection that day. I don’t know if it was tranquilizer but he
did cool off, wake up in a normal manner and was released.”

Just after midday, Martinez' body was removed from the cell and transported
via boat to the KHMH. Family members who spoke with Love News, say they are
baffled at the news of the death of their loved one. They mentioned however
that while Martinez was not an angel, he was not known to have had any
illnesses. In addition, police reported that no visible signs of physical
abuse was seen on the body and are looking at several angles into this


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