Belize Water Services (BWS) has recently been made aware of media coverage from San Pedro indicating a concern of a possible water shortage on the island during times of peak demand...BWS has been requesting CWBL since 2005 to increase its capacity to adequately deliver water to the island based on growth projections...Our records show that as part of our recent Water Demand Review completed in January 2011, BWS requested CWBL to implement a maximum plant capacity of up to 550,000 gallons per day...However, CWBL proposed a maximum plant capacity of 420,000 gallons per day.

Couple of comments...apparently communication between the two parties is so good that there are no joint press releases...the populace continues to be at the mercy of a contractor's equipment limitations...the populace continues to be at the mercy of its public representatives inabilties to adequately negotiate and/or enforce...it would seem BWS has no contractual teeth with which to require increased capacity...it was my recollection from an earlier post (Keller, above) that evidence from CWB's own website indicates the plant design max is 470Kgal/day ...if so how is 550,000 possible? Maybe CWB's rating is deliberately understated....Why is there a contractual limit of only 420Kgal/day and no provision to supply more, if possible, at a higher rate (in fairness to CWB). Is the RO system once again incapable of handling an increased load again due to maintenance issues?