Hi from Tony and Yvonne at Fido's Parasailing!! Just a note to let those interested know how things are going here in San Pedro. I was just in town this morning and saw lots of residence waiting on transportation off the island. Plywood was being sold out and being installed on the buildings. Boats are being secured and\or pulled from the water. The boat yard is accepting boats until space runs out. Captain Dave is taking very special care of the parasail boat! I'll try to keep you posted on how things are going.
Note for locals***** Have some kind of 12v battery (car\golfcart\boat) ready to hook up to your VHF radio's!!!!! The island ferry is on channel 11 and we'll be on 77 until condition get bad then we'll all be on 16 we'll monitor the marine band as long as possible.

Here we go!!!

Yvonne Bond
Iguana Gardens LTD
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