And one of the campaign issues that the PUP has been harping in its district public meetings so far is unemployment.

The census figures released in 2011 - showed that figure at 23% - which has been the source of much politicking and public discourse since.

But the census survey is different from the labour force survey. And today, no doubt in response to all the political points that have been scored using the 23% figure - the Statistical Institute of Belize issued a release clarifying that difference.

The release explains that the labour force survey in 2009 showed a 12.5% unemployment rate in 2009 - much lower than the census. And that's because the survey is done in September when seasonal employment is high - and students are back in school.

The census on the other hand goes on for seven months mostly during the period when seasonal employment is low.

The disparity between the 2000 census - which showed unemployment of 20% and the labor force survey in 1999 - which showed unemployment of 12.7% was similar.

The next labor force survey will be held in April and September of this year.

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