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Your right if its a head count of citizens they are greater! however the mass of resorts/Hotels and condos on this part of the island all provide water for their guests independently and our seasons tourist occupancy swell at Easter has no effect on the towns water supply.

Indeed, true enough, and worthy of distinction, which I assume is what Diane meant by "setting the record straight".

If people unfamiliar with the island are concerned, they probably need not worry if are staying outside the service area of Bythebucket Water Systems and Christ What Became of the Liquid . The mass of resorts and accomodations to the north and south are in some form or another self sufficient.

However, my point, and the reason I'm passionate about this topic is that the vast majority of people living on the island are affected by this. Not to mention that a signficant portion of guest beds are also in the service area as well.

To consider this as only a seasonal issue is, in the long run, short sighted. Particulary of for those hybrid systems using cisterns and BWS as we do. Mother nature is fickle. It's unconscionable that this problem is recurrent and remains unresolved. It's unbelievable the only thing that's done year after year is to throw a ream of bandwidth and bullsh!t at the problem in the form of press releases and finger pointing. There seems to be no real attempt to correct it.

I just wish there was something more that people with similar concerns could do. The area representatives and other political stewards of the people, incumbent or prospective, need to take note and take steps to correct the matter when so empowered.