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maybe another supplier?

That would be nice. Another private owner with sufficient capital to leverage a government loan is certainly an interesting possibilty. I believe there is at least one such project used by people headed north everyday? However I am unclear on the exact particulars of that ownership arrangement for certain and I'm open to correction. Of course the bridge has been a topic of recent discussion with regards to maintenance and the revenues it brings in.

Based on events regarding the electrical grid an alternative owner sprang to mind (briefly), but nationalizaton of privatized utilities comes with its own consequences. It has a tendency to be rather offputting to the concepts of "revived and restored investor confidence".

Perhaps government ownership, or a local version, would be interested if the utility had potential to make sufficient money. I'm afraid I've little hope that the government would step in as owner/operator purely for the good of the people. It would be nice if they simply stepped in period.