Ziprider wins Boom-to-Belize City canoe race

Sean Martin receives the Sponsors' trophy.

Defending Ruta Maya champions, the Ziprider team of Jerry Rhaburn, Efrain and Felix Cruz, paddled across the finish line by the Riverside Tavern in Belize City in two hours 36 minutes and two seconds to win the Burrell Boom to Belize City canoe race organized by the Belize Canoe Association and sponsored by Guinness Stout on Saturday, February 18. The Ziprider team took home a $300 first prize and a trophy. Their perennial rivals, the Belize Bank team of Daniel, Erwin and Amado Cruz were five seconds behind to win the $100 second prize and a trophy.

The National Institute of Culture and History team of Ruta Maya veteran champ Armin Lopez, Jimmy Valdez and Oscar Cordon paddled into third place in clocked two hours 36 minutes and 11 seconds, while Eric Cano, Roberto and Clayton Cobb paddled the BTL Cobb’s Arm canoe into fourth place in two hours 38 minutes and 27 seconds.

The Belize Coast Guard’s Jack Alford, Godfrey Alford and Arthur Garbutt paddled their “Redemption” canoe into fifth place in two hours 39 minutes and two seconds, while Leroy Romero and the Sanchez twins, Jermaine and Jerry, paddled their “3 de Haad Way” canoe into sixth place in two hours 44 minutes and 36 seconds 2:44:36.

Andreas Cabb, Francisca Cruz Phaender, and Keron Cabb paddled their “All In” canoe to a seventh place finish in two hours 45 minutes and 31 seconds to win the $100 first prize and trophy in the Mixed division.

Euken Arnold, Jayda Guydis, 16, and her father, former Ruta Maya champion Chris Guydis, paddled the Oceana canoe into eighth place in two hours 47 minutes and 27 seconds to win second prize in the Mixed Division, while Sheraine Faber and Nolbert and Jamel Seguro paddled the “Missile” canoe to finish ninth in two hours 53 minutes and 33 seconds to win third prize in the Mixed division.

The Westrac team of Jerry Cante, Elmer Cruz and Adrian Waight paddled their canoe into 10th place just two seconds later, while perennial pleasure paddlers Rudolph Gentle, Jesus Flowers and Javier Guardado powered the Print Belize canoe into 11th place overall in two hours 53 minutes and 54 seconds to win the $100 first prize and trophy in the Pleasure division.

Discovery Expeditions' Ziprider won 1st overall and 1st male team.

The BDF team of Daniel Harris, Miguel Guerra and Jesus Cruz paddled their canoe into 12th place overall to win second prize in the Pleasure division in two hours 55 minutes and 36 seconds, while the St Ignatius High School team of Alfred Lopez, Bayron Cruz and Armando Lopez paddled their canoe into 13th place in two hours 55 minutes and 47 seconds to win the $100 1st prize in the Intramural Division

The Police “Peacemakers” Audrey Moody, Jane Usher and Ruth Cruz paddled into 14th place overall in two hours 57 minutes and three seconds to win the Female Division, while the BNE team Henry Martinez, Roberto Tut and Avaldo Lopez paddled their canoe into 15th place in two hours 58 minutes and five seconds.

The Sea Sports’ team of Mike Searle, Paul Hyde and Johnny “Watt” Searle won the Masters’ Division, paddling their canoe “Watt a Ting”, into 16th place in two hours 58 minutes and 25 seconds, while the D&D team of Garrett Bermudez, Andrew Condie and Adrian Williams paddled their canoe into 17th place in two hours 58 minutes and 46 seconds.

The Police “Crimefighters” Roy Cano, Efrain Quewell and Neri Waight paddled their canoe into 18th place in three hours and one second to win 3rd prize in the Pleasure Division, while the Belize Coast Guard women Keyren Tzib, Kaina Martinez, and Tiffarah Welch paddled their “Cutter” canoe into 19th place to win 2nd prize in the Female Division, in three hours and five minutes.

Edil Santos, Plutarco Chuc and Eliseo Bustamante of the Belmopan Medical/ Baptist high school team completed the top 20 as they paddled their canoe to win the 2nd prize in the intramural division in three hours 10 minutes and 26 seconds.

Simon August, Dyron Hyde and Steven Castillo paddled their “Sit Down & bounce” canoe to finish 21st overall in three hours 19 minutes and 23 seconds, while Joe Fuzy, and Susan and Jerry Wilkens paddled the “Grumpy Ol’ Men and a Lady” canoe to win 2nd prize in the Masters’ Division in three hours 34 minutes and 55 seconds.

The Usher sisters, Miriam and Bobby Dee, and Joanne Lopez paddled into 23rd place to win the 3rd prize in the Female Division in three hours 53 minutes and 48 seconds.

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