Hi, my name is Sandy and I have been reading this message board for a couple of weeks now and decided to give it a try. My husband, myself and another couple are planning on coming to Belize for the 1st time for all of us 10/28-11/10. We are not divers, but snorkelers and world travelers.Belize and esp. AC sound great, and just what we need to escape! I think I have narrowed down our lodging choices to Banana Beach, Belizean Reef, the Palms, or Paradise Villas. Each couple wants a 1 bedroom condo, and we want to be able to go into town easily for rest., nightlife, etc. So I have kind of ruled out anything north of cut as being too hard to get back into town. Am I right about this?Seaven Seas has a great price, but I get the impression these other places I have mentioned are nicer. I am mostly interested in roomy, comfortable,with full kitchen if we decide to eat in a few nights, and FANTASTIC OCEAN FRONT LOCATION AND VIEWS WITH NICE BEACH. We are landlocked and beach starved here in Colorado.Villas at Banyan Bay sound great, but my husband and I will be staying for 13 nights and the other couple probably only 7 nights. So can't afford Banyan Bay on our own and don't want to move. Thus, each couple renting separate 1 bedroom unit.

So glad Chantal didn't do any damage. I have already made a special place in my heart for the people of AC just from reading this message board. It has been fun, and my first time to venture into online "chatting".

Thanks for any info, suggestions, etc. Also, we are debating staying the entire 13 nights on AC and doing tours from there, or else staying 2-3 nights on the mainland first before we go over. We have done rainforests, Mayan ruins before,and here in CO we are surrounded by nountains, water falls, but definitely want to see the best of the Belizean ruins and any other "MUST SEE" highlights. Otherwise, we want to RELAX, snorkel,get destressed, eat lobster, SNORKEL, maybe sail a little, boat tours, etc. What are your thoughts on dividing our stay or making AC our base for the entire time?