Heys guys!! Rick and i have been to AC..7 or 8 times. When we first went, we went for 12 days, stayed on AC, did trips inland. The 2nd time we went and spent 3 days in Placencia, it was definitely to slow for us (late 30's). In what "environment" do you want to spend your rest/sleep time?? We like it to be quiet, when we want, but easy access to a "libations room" lol...we will be there Oct. 29th-Nov.7th!! COOL...We stay at Holiday Hotel when we go...Halloween Party at the Holiday Hotel 31st..it's great. Definitely plan to spend that Sunday at the Palapa, north of the cut..2pm-7pm..And we do a yearly "benefit" Bar B Q..this one will be at the Hideaway Hotel (golden girls) Live music all 3 days...this benefit will be for the Saga Society,,last few have been for Lion's Club. GREAT FUN!! Hope we can meet up w/ya'll. We do plan to go inland this trip, i want to Repell into the forest!! We don't dive either...snorkel, fish...if you would like to correspond email us at [email protected]'s a few others meeting us there too!! So do you want to spend the night by the ocean/reef or in a jungle??? AXEMAN, think you're gonna make it? Lisa? Ramona? Wayne?
oh yeah..renting a golf cart to go around the island is a MUST!!! C&R