In Yesterdays newscast we told you about the home invasion that took place on Saturday night in the outskirts of the Corozal District about a mile out on the Consejo road which resulted in a shoot out between the criminals and law enforcers. Last night details were still sketchy but tonight we got the full details.

Twenty one year old Ysenia Oliva, her husband, 56 year old Mark Ramirez and their four year old son left home about 3:30 in the evening to run some errands. About an hour later when the family arrived home they were surprised by two masked men. One of the men was armed with handgun and wasted no time in pointing the weapon at the family and that is when, according to Oliva, her worst nightmare began. Reporter Hipolito Novelo has the details.

Hipolito Novelo-Reporting

Ysenia Oliva lives with her common-law-husband and their four year old son in this house located in the outskirts of Corozal. Itís the only house in the area. But despite the fact that the house is guarded by heavy gates and high walls, on Saturday evening two mask men, one armed with a handgun, were still able to find their way into the yard and the familyís home by jumping the back fence.

From all indications the burglars knew that no was at home, made their way into the kitchen and ransacked the entire place. While the two men searched the house Ysenia Oliva, her husband and her four year old son arrived home having no idea that a burglary was in progress. As the family entered the residence they came under attack.

All indications are that the intruders were looking for money, guns and drugs. When Oliva informed the men that the family knew nothing about guns or drugs, they demanded that she hand over the money. At that time says Oliva, her worst nightmare had just began.

Ysenia Oliva, Victim

ďWe were there for about four hours it was four hours of wondering if they could kill you or what would happen to you although all things came into my mind, my son was frightened because he saw how they were treating his dad, so the man wanted more money they had already searched the whole house took everything they could have taken, tear everything they could have tear they wanted more money so my husband told them they can get money that he has some bank cards and he can go to the bank and each card can give him $800.00 plus he can get $1500.00 from a cheque that I can change so we convinced the two guys that lead one of us go and we are going to get more money for them because they wanted more money, more money that they had already found and took from my husband and everything so one of the guys went with me and the other guys stayed.Ē

Oliva was accompanied by one of the men to the bank while the second individual stayed at home guarding her husband and child.

Ysenia Oliva, Victim

ďThe man stayed with my husband and my baby, they made me look at my son in that panicking way and tell him that if I do anything stupid they are just going to shoot him and shoot my husband so whenever I come back the only thing I would see just blood everywhere because my son will never see me again. So we went to the Chinese and I was frightened so I told the Chinese man that my husband send me to change this cheque but I donít want the money I just want him to call the police or find somehow or some help for me and he did so, they had a cop right in the shop taking care of the shop so the cop saw me but.Ē

While heading back to the vehicle Oliva was unable to see the individuals face since he ordered her to walk in front of him. To make matters worst, while driving back home, the burglar informed Oliva that her husband was the one who planned the entire burglary and that he wanted her dead.

Ysenia Oliva, Victim

ďI parked the car and he started talking to me and he said it is not you, it is not you, we donít want to hurt you nor we donít want to hurt the baby we just want your husbandís head thatís all we want and I start to ask him why, he said because your husband sent to kill you and I said but why is he going to sent someone to kill me and he knows that I am pregnant, he knows that I have a baby why will he do that and they just kept telling thing so that we can fight so that I can get mad at him and he can get mad at me they wanted to separate us so that none of us do nothing for each other then the man offered me $15,000.00 for me to leave him and I told him that I donít want the money.Ē

But Oliva did not buy the story and was taken back home. Based on information received police visited the area and thatís when there was an exchange of gunfire between the burglars and the cops.

Ysenia Oliva, Victim

ďThe mask man loose me out and told me to go and tell them that everything is ok, I canít open because my husband is not here and I donít have no key to open so I told my sister exactly what they told me to tell them, the gun man came out with me and he was pointing at me, not open the gate, you open the gate you are going to get shot, so I didnít open the gate I took out my hand from the side of the door and I was making signs to my sister telling her they are still in there just donít do nothing stupid because I have one right on my left hand side pointing at me, so one of the policeman saw the man and he started the shoot, he shoot first then the mask man start to shooting and the big shooting just started right there.Ē

Luckily no one was injured during the shootout.

According to Oliva the burglars made good their escape by jumping the back fence with $15,000 in hand. Corozal Police have no one detained and investigations continue.