"At the 2011 Boogie in San Pedro, Grimm told The Sun, “My goal for this event is not just to bring people here to skydive, but to have them enjoy a true Belizean experience. Many of them have come back during the years and have also sent many friends to Belize for a vacation. We always want to leave the island with a smile on our face, a sunburn on our nose and longing to return.” And although they do long to return, last week Grimm commented, “It’s sad we aren’t coming back, but without cooperation from the Government of Belize we won’t return. I really love San Pedro and am sad we aren’t there. Jumping over San Pedro is incredible. To bring this event back I would need a lot of help. We could jump each day over on Caye Caulker at the airstrip and we could base everyone on Ambergris Caye for the accommodations. I would need a US$40,000 commitment from the BTB and a lot of logistical and civil aviation help. The business community would have to step up like they always do. We would shuttle everyone over in the morning and back at night, with a few trips every couple of hours back and forth for folks that didn’t want to stay all day.”

Just part of the article appearing in this weeks paper.
Who in the hell do these people think they are and why they are so important. If the BTB and all the others that contirbuted to the 200 people coming did so for every 200 tourist coming, it surely would not be profitable. 200 sky divers are a miniscule number of the total tourists coming to Belize and why they should be given all the extras they ask for is arrogant. Grimm, and the other 199, enjoy Nicaragua. Belize will probabaly survive even without you. A thanks for all the support you received in the past would sufficient instead of your complaining about not be given enough.

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