The seaside village of Barranco in the deep south is opening its doors in celebration of the 28th Annual Convention of National Garifuna Council which will also coincide with the launching of the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the village.

Barranco was also the birthpalce of Garifuna cultural icon and UNESCO cultural Ambassdor for Peace, Andy Palacio. The two day celebrations will begin from March 9.

The Annual National Garifuna Council convention is the highest authority of the organization.

At the convention, the Board of Directors will present their annual report which highlights the organizationís activities for the past year. Other activities include the promotion of educational discussions among the 11 branches of the NGC; to consider and adopt resolutions moved by the membership and the formulation of plans for the ensuing year.

It should be noted that there will also be the election of new officers.

The National Garifuna Council invites members and other interested persons to come along and make new friends, broaden their knowledge and have fun as they experience the Garifuna culture!

There will be exhibition, wreath laying at Andy Palacioís Grave, drumming and dancing! There will also be interesting group discussions of themes dear to the Garifuna agenda: Land, Education, Language & Culture, Health, Support for Economic & Community Development, Social Issues: (a) The role of Catholicism in the Garifuna Culture; (b)Team Building Workshop for Youths

It is expected that this year will once again have representation from all eleven branches. The Barranco community is excited to welcome all for the weekend in March.

The Reporter