Francis Fonseca

The prime minister announced at a press conference that he will take the oath on Friday for his new term in government, but the Peopleís United Party says itís not conceding the elections. According to P.U.P. leader, Francis Fonseca, the elections were neither free nor fair and that the electoral process was tainted with irregularities.

Francis Fonseca, P.U.P. Party Leader

ďAs we meet this afternoon, I would have hoped to report to you, regardless of the outcome that on March seventh Belize had free and fair elections; regrettably, this has not been the case. Across the country there have been credible, reliable, documented reports of abuse and illegality in the conduct of our election process. Our party has assembled a team of legal advisors, who are examining the documented evidence and reviewing the legal options available. I can report to the nation that it is the intention of the Peopleís United Party to file several election petitions in respect of the March seventh General Elections. Through-out the election campaign, I made it absolutely clear that the P.U.P. would engage in a vigorous campaign but would always respect the final decision of the Belizean people. That respect is premised on free and fair elections and on the obligation and duty to ensure that the will of the Belizean people is not thwarted or denied. As I speak, I am yet to receive an official report on the election results from the elections and boundaries commission; despite this, it is my understanding that the U.D.P. leader, Mr. Barrow is announcing plans to form a government. In an election where unofficial results show that there is a thirty vote separation between the two major political parties in determining which party forms the government, all of our statements, actions and decisions must be grounded in respect and humility.Ē

Shoman says that those are just some of the concerns arising from their electoral petitions, but that list is by no means a full disclosure of the discrepancies that took place on March seventh. Shoman also said that the possibility for other electoral petitions may be brought to light.

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