At 2:26 PM on 11 March 2011, an earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan.
At least 20,000 people went missing - some never found, all presumed dead.
Perhaps we can take a moment from our days of fun in the sun to reflect on the fragile nature of this very precious human experience - on the suffering of others - and think just for a minute about what you could do today with just one act of kindness.
If you feel inclined, you may wish to join a worldwide moment of prayer and meditation in memory of those who perished and in support of those who survived. Due to international dateline/timezone details, the corresponding time (of the quake) here in Belize is 11:46 PM, tonight. If you're not up at that time, perhaps you can just do an act of generosity sometime today.
There are many kinds of gifts - in the Buddhist tradition one of the greatest gifts is the gift of freedom from fear. In this tense and struggling world, what a gift that can be if only for a moment or a day.

And please - just for today, just for this post - no glib remarks, please, please.