We have just returned from 2 weeks in belize, 12 days in A/C. the beaches were clean, beautiful and very quiet. the water temp was 87degrees but the sea grass was a problem for us. Victoria house seemed to be the only property where you could snorkel in a small area off the beach. we stayed at Banyon Bay and had to take a boat out to snorkel. North of San Pedro at Jounrneys End people were taking kayaks out to the reef to snorkel. Our 12 year old wouldn't snorkel in the sea grass and it was $20 each time he went to the marine reserve and shark alley. The snorkelling off the beach was a big plus in our choice of A/C and Cozumel and Maui was better snorkelling. My husband said diving was better in Cozumel,and visibility was about 80 feeet in A/C