Boots lost Works Ministry, but it’s all good

His boots were made for walking amongst the people of Port Loyola, and though he moved to the North side of town, Anthony “Boots” Martinez received the mandate of his constituents with a smaller margin of victory. The former Minister of Works lost an economically strong ministry with major infrastructural projects underway. The PM, however, says that Boots, will continue walking strong in his area as the Minister of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation.

Dean Barrow

“The vast amount, the greatest portion of the employment was a consequence of CYDP and the South Side poverty alleviation project—those both go with the Minister to the Ministry of Social Services and poverty Alleviation. So I don’t think the minister will suffer in terms of the employment aspect of things; which employment aspect is not for Port Loyola, it is for the entire City of Belize. That is my selection based on my strategic approach, based on my analysis of things, based on my conviction as to who best fits where. I think that the Minister Martinez who has made his name as someone absolutely obsessed with looking after poor in terms of creating opportunities, would see the ministry he is getting as an upgrade—social service, which is where all the social assistance monies are, which is where the boost program is, which is where the food pantry program is; in addition to South Side Poverty Alleviation and CYDP. So I don’t know, you as well know, have a sort of unusual bent of mind and so I will understand how you might see it as a demotion, but the minister certainly doesn’t. He see it as a promotion.”

Channel 5