Water, A Scarce Resource

And while they were at the Radisson, over at the Princess - the observance was for World Water Day. We may take it for granted in water-rich Belize, but all over the world water is a scarce resource and that's why world water day focuses attention on the importance of the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

To spread this idea, a Forum and a Fair were held today the Princess Hotel. The Forum included technical paper presentations by various individuals from several Government and non-Government Organizations and Agencies, while the fair had display booths by other Businesses, Organizations and Departments.

Anthony Flowers, Water Analyst - MOH
"Today we are celebrating "World Water Day" under the theme "Water and Food Security." We are having different events to commemorate the day. We have a forum where technical presentations will be made on different topics relating to water and then we are also having a fair, where all the different agencies; government and non-governmental organizations have their different display booths showcasing the work that they do in the field of water."

Monica Bodden
"Tell us the importance of World Water Day?"

Anthony Flowers, Water Analyst - MOH
"The importance of World Water Day is to draw attention to the population all over the world on this very vital resource. As we know we cannot survive without water and therefore we need to let the public become more aware of the need for us to protect and conserve our nation's vital water resources."

World Water Day is being celebrated under the theme "Water and Food Security".

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