Police investigate Rape and Stabbing of Yacht Tourists

On Monday we reported on the vicious attack on a group of American tourists who were spending the night off the coast of the Pelican Cayes near southern Belize. During the incident a sixty-one year old woman was sexually assaulted by one of four men. Two of her colleagues were also stabbed and relieved of an undisclosed amount of cash and other valuables. The vessel the tourists had rented, a catamaran named SK Abenga, was moored near one of the small islands where they planned on spending the night. But before they were able to settle in, the couples came under armed assault by a team of bandits who boarded their cat by skiff. Most of what has been said in the media, in the wake of the incident, has been sketchy at best. That’s because there has been no official police press release on the matter. It was initially reported that two couples were attacked, but it has now been confirmed that in fact four couples on the catamaran were assaulted. On Thursday, during an emergency meeting held in Placencia, News Five spoke with Inspector Leslie Wade, the investigating officer on the case. According to Wade, no arrests have been made despite statements given to police by the victims.


Inspector Leslie Wade, Investigating Officer

“Sometime after 8:30 on Sunday which was the eighteenth of March, four couples had rented a forty-six foot catamaran bearing the name Scabenga and they set sail out to sea where around that time, around 8:30 they anchored the vessel off the shores of the Pelican Cayes and they decided to spend the night there where sometime after 8:30 four armed, masked men boarded the said vessel. They [the tourists] were robbed of valuable items and monies and during the robbery one of the females was also sexually assaulted and two others were being stabbed. Thus far the police, of which I came down to do the initial investigation with, thus far we have not taken anybody into custody. So far the police are still conducting investigations in respect to this matter.”


Leslie Wade

Isani Cayetano

“With regards to the current condition of the victims, you were mentioning earlier that they may be flown out to the United States for further medical attention.”


Insp. Leslie Wade

“There is one victim, one that received a stab wound has since, according to medical authorities from the Southern Regional [Hospital] that person would be flown out of Belize to seek further medical attention abroad. But the person has been stabilized, it’s not life threatening. We have spoken to that person and we have gotten a statement from that person as far as she can recall as it relates to the incident. So we gave recorded statements but like what I said they were tourists and the information is just a little bit sketchy at this time but we are doing our best trying to bring these persons to justice.”

Channel 5