Posted on Belize Forums by captain of charter sailboat attacked by pirates

I was the captain of the catamaran sail boat rented from the Moorings that was robbed at gun point.
Here are a few particulars:

Boat.... Lagoon 4600
On Board... 8 persons (4 male, 4 female)
Place of robbery... west side of Pelican Caye (approx due east of Hopkins).
Time of robbery... approx 10 pm, Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some details.....

They had one gun.... a 9mm Glock style pistol.
One used a dagger type knife.

3 robbers on boat beating, and raping. One was waitng on the white Panga while the others were on the boat. They spoke english(sort of).
They were about 30 yrs old, one was maybe 18 years old.

They wouold not take our Belize dollars... only US currency
Items taken that we know of right now

Cobra Marine Handheld Radio model number MR HH425LI VP
ATT Samsung Galaxy II Rocketship cell phone (service discontinued) black color

Dinghy was approx 11 ft long, gray in color, fiberglass hard bottom. had a new Mercury 9.5 hp motor. The shift control on this motor was built into the throttle.

They beat us, and stabbed us...even though we were turning over our money. They had no mercy. One (with the gun) had a red colored mask that he would pull up over his face.

I hope that these thugs will be apprehended. I am open to any persons that can help us. We are in the US getting medical attention now. My wife was stabbed in the abdomen. I was stabbed in the collar bone area. If you can help us please contact me in this forum