Introducing the Dancers who will represent Belize at the International Folkloric "Festival du Sud" this summer in Europe.

L-R (1st row): Crysel Gabourel, Shadi Gillett, Roxana Bradley
L-R (2nd row): Denese Enriquez, Ameera Marin, Emilie Gomez (San Pedro Dance Company)
L-R (3rd row): Sherett Perotte, Rosita Baltazar, Ernestine Carballo (musician), Eleanor Gillett, Stevannie Duncan
L-R (4th row): Wilford Williams, Jason Wade, Alexis Rivero (Corozal Community Dance Company) & Troy Longsworth

The Belize National Dance Company (BNDC) will participate in an international folkloric dance festival in Europe in July and August 2012. The “Festival Du Sud” brings together about 1,200 dancers and musicians from 45 companies worldwide. This year, twelve (12) folk ensembles were chosen to share and showcase their traditional dances with audiences in France and Spain during these summer months.

BNDC plans to present an even blend of music and dances from four Belizean ethnic groups – The Maya, the Creole, the Garifuna and the Mestizo – which will be performed by our well trained dance troupe and a live musical band. Performances will include stage shows, street parades and folk animations at public parks, local businesses and schools. Belize is expected to prepare and perform 90-minute presentations, which can vary depending on the size and number of folk contingents performing in each location at any given time.

Dancers include Emilie Gomez from the San Pedro Dance Company; Roxana Bradley from BNDC’s Dance Centre and originally from San Pedro; Alexis Rivero from Corozal Community College Dance Company; and Troy Longworth, Expressive Arts Teacher/Dancer based in Independence, Stann Creek.

About Festival du Sud:

Festivals du sud reunite, every summer, during the months of July and August, roughly about twenty folkloric groups and national ballets of all continents around the world. These ballets are under the responsibility of Festivals du sud, and participate mainly in the principal French and Spanish festivals of arts and popular traditions.

The organization Festivals du sud elaborates every year a program of the folkloric groups, coming from all continents, so that the set of the groups is welcomed without discontinuity by the different festivals, from the arrival in Europe to the departure of Europe, according to a negotiated suitability with the concerned artists.

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