Superintendent Alvan Gentle is the officer in charge at San Ignacio - but, after a short and successful stint - his time may soon be up - because he's made a lot of well-connected enemies with his by-the-nooks-no nonsense approach to crime fighting.

Gentle has been cracking down on public drinking, night spots open after hours, heck, he's even stopped folks form washing their washing vehicles in the Macal river. And don't even ask about opening up on Sunday - because, by the books, all stores have to close by ten AM on the Sabbath.

It's powerful stuff - this by the books business - and it has made him some powerful, well connected enemies - who are reportedly pushing for him to be sent back to headquarters.

In a remarkable and candid interview he gave to PLUS TV last week, Gentle says it appears vindictive:

Superintendent Alvan Gentle
"I was told unofficially so to speak by the Commissioner of Police that I was being recall back to Belmopan. I am a police officer and I am transferrable but at the same if that's the case then I believe it is vindictive for what reason I don't know. There have been some unscrupulous business people that are saying that they will see to it that Mr. Gentle is transferred from here because of them being dealt with because of infractions where the law is concern."

Today a group called the People's Coalition of Cayo sent out a release saying that quote, "The consensus is that Superintendant Gentle's transfer is as a result of his intransigence to political meddling from politicians outside the police's ministry and chain of command."

The group calls for an audience with the Prime Minister.

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