Gentle Still In Charge In Cayo; On 30 Days Sick

Last night we told you about the embattled Officer Commanding for the Cayo formation, Superintendent Alvan Gentle.

He was ordered to hand over his post today - and return to Belmopan. But, Gentle didn't do that because - as we understand it - he's taken thirty days sick leave.

Another officer - an Inspector, is holding over - and it's left to be seen what Headquarters in Belmopan will do next.

Gentle - as we reported - has gone by-the-books in his four months in the twin towns - strictly enforcing laws on liquor licenses, public drinking - and even stopped stores - including the town tortilla factory - from opening past 10:00 on Sunday.

And while that has earned him many enemies - including well-connected persons, he also has hardcore fans who say that his law and order approach is just what Cayo needs.

For his part, Rowland has said that the attempt to transfer him is vindictive.

When we called Cayo today - we were told that he is still the officer in Charge - but is on sick leave.

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