Hi all!

my boyfriend and I just returned from a week on AC. We had a fantastic time. Over the next couple of days or weeks, I will be posting journal entries and hopefully pictures (if they turn out!). I'm hoping to make a little website with my journal and pictures, as well.

We stayed at the Caribe Island Resort aka the Pepto Bismol or Big Pink (due to it's bright pink, always fresh, coat of paint), which is about 3 miles south of town, and it was great. The rooms were clean and comfortable, with Air Conditioning as cold as you like and the grounds were very pleasant, with tropical plants everywhere. There was a nice open air palapa bar, between the beach and the pool, and Albert, our bartender was lots of fun, sitting down to drink and chat with us. There was a little restaurant under the palapa too, which served up tasty grilled grouper, lobster sandwiches for a reasonable price. The on-site dive shop was great, and all of our trips picked us up at the pier there. The dive-shop gave us snorkeling equipment to use on our trips, and let us take the kayaks out, when we paddled to the reef offshore. They also gave us candid recommendations about which trips are the best. The hotel also had complimentary bikes, which we rode into town several times, and a free shuttle service that left for town every night at 6:30 and returned from town at 9:00, making dinners in town a cinch. The pool was right next to the bar, so you could go grab a Belikin from the bar and hang out in the pool, looking at the beach. The staff all knew us on a first name basis, and we actually spent a lot of time hanging out with them, since the tourist season was fast waning, and the hotel's guests had almost all left.

Anyway, I will write more later. But, if anyone is wondering about Caribe Island Resort, we highly recommend it, and would go back there for sure. One couple that we met, has been staying at the resort each year, for the last 4 years.

Hasta la vista!