Hi Everybody!!

We are now back on the island of Ambergris Caye after a hectic week on Roatan, Honduras.

As some of you may know we closed the shop to go to the Roatan Underwater Photo/Video Championship..

It was a week with a buisy schedule of dives and seminars, the elite of the underwater fotographers and videographers met up to see who is who and to exchange experiences and knowledge, and of cause to see who could bring home the price of the best pictures/ video..

The videographers of Belize Under Water Video in San Pedro made an effectful and effective entrance on the stage of hard competion.

Anta Werner took home the first price in the class for u/w videos and Patrick Bradley brought the fourth place home to us...

I feel very proud to be able to work with such good videographers in my everyday life..

Anybody who would like to see the winning video is well come in to see it in the shop of Belize Under Water Video across the road from Fido's...

Hope to see you soon..