TMG Americas Ltd. is a local Belizean Company founded by German and British Nationals.

Our company is located in San Pedro where the shareholder resides.

TMG Americas Ltd. is the exclusive distributor for high end renewable energy systems such as independent wind turbines/generators or on a larger scale, hybrid systems (wind and solar combination) which are made in Germany. Our business includes the America’s, South, Central and North as well as remote locations utilized by NGO’s in Africa, South America, Asia and by the German Military.

Along with our high end product, we offer energy saving consultation on an individual basis. Our company is looking at alternative solutions for homes and businesses to look towards an environment where we can depend on sustainable energy with no risk to the environment.

Understand, we are not the manufacturer and as such our link will provide our German partner’s web site. We are a retailer here for the America’s.

Our systems are designed to be disassembled within a few hours in cases of inclement weather such as hurricanes. Hybrid systems primarily used for businesses include a sealed mobile storage for such occurrences.

Our products are battery based: the wind turbine or in case of the hybrid system which includes wind turbine, solar panel and a diesel generator constantly charge battery banks which provides the power supply for residence and / or business.
Hybrid systems are computerized: the integrated computer system determines which component (wind / solar / generator) is charging the batteries.

Arrangements can be made for consultation via e-mail and meetings will be held in a local San Pedro office on front street.

Email contact information: [email protected]

We thank everyone for their interest in our efforts in sustainable energy.