Since this is the “Crap Site” I need to vent this somewhere beside in my head and the bottle of tequila I’m drinking, so here goes.

I have been trying to open a personal bank account with Atlantic all week. I received all the forms and thought I had filled them out completely down to answering the questions on the “Anticipated Activity for New Accounts”:

4. Expected Monthly Deposits to account: Unknown
5. Expected Annual Deposits to account: Unknown
7. Detailed description of customer’s business: Retired

They are all notarized and I went ahead and got a cashier’s check ready to be FedEx down to the officer I’m working with. I scanned then to him yesterday afternoon and requested a street address so that I could send down all of the originals and that the scanned copies would only be a heads up to him. I get a call yesterday telling me he can’t read my scanned in passport that is looks like a copy and the notary isn’t clear. The answers to 4 and 5 must be a dollar amount and if they vary at all, the bank will need, in writing, proof as to why they are not the same. As for #7, he needs a complete work history for the last 10 years including all the part time secretary positions I have done in the last 2 years.

Now for the letters of requirements: My bank officer had written a letter regarding my character and the bank manager wrote a letter regarding my banking history. The Atlantic officer would not accept the character letter because it came from the same bank. I explained that this person and I have a personal relationship outside of the bank but he didn’t care, it was on the same letterhead and to him that is all that mattered. He said to get a letter from my Dr. but I work with Kaiser and I had called them and my personal doctor is out of town on holiday until June 4th. After talking to them though, they would not have allowed her to give a letter to me anyway. I tried to explain to him that I work with an HMO (Health Management Org.) but he didn’t understand. I told him my accountant is out of town until the 25th of May as he always leaves April 24th when the tax season is over and doesn’t return for 30 days. Again, he didn’t care and only kept saying “these are the rules and you must abide by them.”

I closed on my condo, which is rented at the present time, and only need to deposit the rent in Belize, that’s all I need to do. The Property Managers that are handling the condo for me needs somewhere to put my funds. I did get a hold of them last night and after hearing the frustration in my voice they are going to see what they can do on Monday. They tell me not to worry that they will figure out something for me. They tell me they have handled others who live in the States with getting an account open and that they will help me too. Thank God for them since I seem to have hit the wall at Atlantic.

I hear all about off shore banking and how people hide funds, I'm not trying to hide anything. I just want to make a deposit of rental fund from AC.

Thanks for having this site, I just needed to get this out of my head.