Hi Everyone,

I'm going to display a lot of ignorance here, so please bear with me. eek

Here's the deal: I have a partner and we'd like to purchase and run a small "bed & breakfast" type business on San Pedro. We'd also like to have a diving business and/or a fishing charter business.

However, I was reading on here that Belizean nationals need to be hired for most jobs. So we'd be required to hire a Belizean dive master it seems...

If that's the case, then I doubt we'll invest in Belize. However, if it is possible to operate the dive business ourselves (self-employment) until such a time as we can afford to hire more staff, then we could do it.

Does anyone know if that is possible under self-employment?

Belize is an awesome country and we'd like to live and work there, but it seems really difficult to work with in some things. I may be misunderstanding what I've seen posted.

At this point I'm gathering information, so anything you can explain will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for considering our questions.