The Liquor Laws are Being More Strictly Enforced

UDP Mayor Danny Guerrero and his new San Pedro town council were elected this year on March 7th. Since then, the Belize Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act have been much more strictly enforced by both the town council and the local police to the delight of many town citizens. The rules dictate everything from who can own a liquor license, holidays when liquor cannot be sold, & hours of operation for all types of bars to license owners allowing prostitutes or thieves to congregate in their establishment (a $50bzd fine!).

For past years, only a handful of bars received proper night club licenses that allowed them to open until 2am without special permission. To obtain that license, the establishments had to prove that they were totally soundproofed. Only cement buildings Jaguar's Temple, Big Daddy's/Daddy Rock's and Club Latino qualified.

But the rules relaxed and favors were granted to other bars. Tacklebox was able to open until 1 or 2am on Tuesdays and Sundays. Wet Willy's famous Wednesday Ladies Night kept the bar open until 2am or later and Fido's stayed open for an extra hour on weekends. Many other bars received extensions for special and not-so-special events.

The rules were not always properly enforced. Both Big Daddy's and Jaguar's (Rehab Lounge) had outside open-air bars that served liquor and played loud music way past midnight even though they were not soundproofed.

Things have changed. Since the new administration took office ALL bars without nightclub licenses must close their doors and stop serving alcohol at midnight.

In response, the bars mentioned above have started the soundproofing process. The first to complete the construction is Big Daddy's outside bar.

Tacklebox is currently working on making their bar on a pier soundproof for later closings. (Is it even possible with a wooden structure?) Will Wet Willy's follow?

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