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Thank you for the information. How would one go about obtaining a permit to import a vehicle such as golf cart or utility vehicle to San Pedro?

Go to Town Board offices - Transport desk - they have the applications.
The curious part of the application process is that you have to produce evidence that you own the vehicle - duty paid, VIN, etc. This is totally at odds with the concept of having permission first ........ somebody needs to clean up the details of the process, for sure.
IMHO a 2 or 3-step process needs to occur -
1. Apply, with a "theoretical" vehicle in mind - if it's already here then supply a photo or VIN and prior registration. If it's something you haven't yet purchased then provide a make and model # with particulars on size.
2. "Tentative approval" issued - a license to buy the particular vehicle within _____ days or weeks, after which, if you haven't done so, the approval expires.
3. Bring the vehicle and license to buy/import to TB within the time limit noted and get the license.
I think this would eliminate a lot of confusion - IMHO the application just doesn't make a lot if sense the way it's laid out.