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Airfares to Belize are retarding the entire tourism industry. They are waaaay over every neighbor's fares. Joshua Berman's Maya 2012 guide even mentions entering Belize via a neighboring country if at all possible due to the consistently high airfares to Belize. The GOB is obviously addicted to the upfront tax money they are getting from the airlines. They'd get so much more in the long run if they'd drop the tax down but we should not hold our breath. It's a major bummer.

It could surely be an entry into the Guinness book of records that BTB did not get one additional seat in an airplane into Belize within the last 10 years. Yes, we had the Delta flight but lost the Taca flight to and from Houston. That's all together a sad story. Where are the politicians and leaders who would be unforgettable (like Geaorge Price) after moving Belize to a next and higher level? Where are the politicians who would want to give an answer to their grand children after being asked: What did you do for me and for my friends?

I've been to St Lucia and the tourist board in St. Lucia pay money to the airlines to fly to St. Lucia. I spoke with them and they say the money comes back 3, 4 or more times in taxes and fees and St Lucia had the best year ever in 2010 while Belize was still suffering from the crisis!?
There are 2 jumbo jets arriving every single day from London, planes from different destinations in Canada, 3 airlines flying out of NYC and some charter flights from Germany and Italy. A flight from Miami to St. lucia (3 days before flying) is 372 US$ and the flight is double the time than a flight to Belize,

We have a beautiful country to show to visitors - instead visitors fly to other destinations as we're incapable to push our leaders to do something. Have a nice sleep - Belize!

Again another beautiful day in paradise - just smile and be happy :-)