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Valid: Friday, June 8 until Monday, June 11, 2012

The hot, steamy weather will continue this weekend. Brief showers and afternoon thunderstorms possible. We won't see persistent and heavy downpours until late Wednesday or Thursday of next week as a low tries to develop in the NW Caribbean near Belize.

The features of interest over the NW Caribbean and Belize this weekend through until mid-week will be a weak pressure gradient in the western Caribbean and northern Central America, which will favour light winds combined with hot and steamy day-time conditions. An upper level ridge of high pressure over the region will not support widespread convection, but yes, the intense radiation will warm up the lower atmosphere and will provoke some showers along coastal areas during the morning hours and afternoon thunderstorms in the interior. These thunderstorms could produce an inch of rainfall or more locally, but will be short-lived and hence not favourable for significant runoff and localized flash floods this weekend. The next bout of widespread showers will begin to develop over Belize on Thursday and Friday of next week, associated with the eastward movement of an upper level trough over the region and a perturbation (surface trough) in the low level easterlies.

As a result, we can expect hot and steamy conditions to persist this weekend through Wednesday, with a few moderate but brief showers or afternoon thunderstorms, mostly along the coast and Cayes in the morning hours, and over areas of the Orange Walk, Cayo, western Stann Creek and the Toledo districts during the afternoon and evening.

Daily rainfall totals will range from 0.10-0.25 of-an-inch over most districts this weekend. Higher, daily rainfall amounts of 0.50-1.00 inch are possible in the interior associated with localized, heavier showers and thunderstorms.

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Last night's TV news on Channel 7 and Channel 5
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The San Pedro Sun

Scholarship program at Holy Cross Anglican School feels financial crunch
Founded in 2006, Holy Cross Anglican School has represented a little piece of paradise for many of the underprivileged students from San Mateo that attend the learning institution. Holy Cross represents the only hope for a better future for the nearly 400 children in the San Mateo area. But for the school administration poor overall performance of former students on scholarships at the secondary level, combined with the global financial crunch has lead to a decrease in financial support from foreign donors. As a result the scholarship requirements were modified and now only disadvantaged students with high requirements will be considered for scholarships starting in 2012. The new approach did not sit well for a few parents and according to Principal Grace Williams the new criteria was outlined at the start of the 2011-2012 academic school year. “First all students in Standard VI going into secondary school were automatically given a scholarship by foreigners who sponsored them. In some instances the approach was not the best,” explained Principal Williams. Some students who are promised scholarships indiscriminately developed an attitude that they did not feel it necessary to put forth the effort in Standard VI to learn the necessary materials to succeed in high school. That attitude eventually inculcated into some students demonstrating the same behavior in their studies at the high school, resulting in many failing. “The first batch of graduates that came out Holy Cross in 2008 should be graduating this year from high school. Of 25 that were sent to secondary institutions on full scholarship, only four will be graduating. Many of them dropped out, failed or simply did not see the need to continue. Many of their grades were atrocious largely contributed to low or next to no parental support” said Williams.

SPTC hosts Media Luncheon
On Friday June 1st, the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC ) hosted a luncheon with members of the media from San Pedro at the Elvis Kitchen. In attendance were The San Pedro Sun, Reef Radio, Reef TV, The Morning Show, Love FM, Ambergris Today and members of the San Pedro Town Council. The purpose of the luncheon was to extend an open invitation to all media houses on the island the join forces with the San Pedro Town Council, working together for the betterment of San Pedro as well as a farewell to Love FM’s Maria Novelo, who is slated to leave the country in early June. At the luncheon, Mayor Danny Guerrero stated, “we need the community to be a part of running the community. We need you to let us know when we are going wrong and help us to correct our errors.”

SPTC, Caye Caulker Water Taxi and Shalom football tournament stats
In the third week of competition, the Local Football Tournament is in full swing. The tournament is jointly sponsored by the San Pedro Town Council and the Caye Caulker Water Taxi and organized by the Shalom Church along with Councilor Gabi Nuńez.

Ambergris Today

Kim Simplis Addresses Tragic Death of Jasmine Lowe
It is a very unfortunate tale to tell, the worst fears for a family were confirmed as the lifeless body of 13-year-old, Jasmine Lowe, was found on Wednesday, June 6, 2012, after having been reported missing on Monday, June 3, 2012.

Councilor Wally Nuńez For Honesty and Transparency
Councilor Gualberto ‘Wally’ Nunez Jr. came to our office with a broad smile to announce that he was submitting his Declaration Form to the Office of the Integrity commission. We learned from Wally that this is a required declaration form as a result of the Prevention of Corruption Act No 21 of 2007 which was signed into law on February of 2008 under the first term of the UDP Administration. (This applies to town councilors, senators, cabinet ministers, members of the National Assembly among a few others)

Domestic Violence Work Shop Held in San Pedro
The San Pedro Police Department together with the San Pedro Town Council held a two day Domestic Violence Workshop where police officers, special constables and residents were invited to participate. A closing ceremony was held on Wednesday, June 06, 2012, at Fido’s Restaurant and Bar where participants were given a certificate of completion for the course.

Pay Your Fine or Serve Your Time…or Both
Dear Media House, June 7th completes 90 days since the double election of March 7th. It also marks the deadline for disclosure by all persons elected to office on that day, including members of the Senate and the Speaker of the House. I congratulate Wally Nunez Jr., the only PUP councillor in San Pedro Town council who has submitted his disclosure within the allotted time. He has set the example and shown the electorate that he will do the right thing. The prevention of Corruption Act 2007, Part 3 section 10 (1) states: “a person in public life shall, in accordance with this act, file with the commission, a "sworn" (section 10 (4) (in front of a Magistrate, JP, Commissioner or Registrar of the Supreme Court) declaration of assets, income and liabilities.” Section 2 (b) further states: “in the case of a person who becomes a person in public life, within three months of his becoming a person in public life, in respect of his (including spouse and children) assets, income and liabilities for the year ended on the previous 31stDecember.”

Deion Spain, Employee of the Month Southwest Airlines
Ambergris Today is happy and proud of showing off the accomplishments of our fellow Belizeans be it locally or internationally. Today we congratulate Deion Spain an employee of Southwest Airlines, living in Miami, Florida, USA, who was awarded with the employee of the month honor. Deion is a flight attendant with a perfect attendance and excellent point score; with his dedication to his work, Southwest Airlines gave him the award of Employee of the Month of May 2012. Deion Spain is son of Mel Spain; he attended and graduated from San Pedro High School and furthered his studies abroad, now working for Southwest Airlines. Congratulations Deion and keep up the great work. Hope to see you soon in San Pedro, Belize, your home!

Misc Belizean Sources

Allegations Of Bio Hazard Waste
... being dumped in our backyard. Body parts and hospital waste being dumped in the City Of Belmopan. Comments.... More than 4 years ago I informed the lists that KHMH had cancelled its contract with BWS to incinerate "Red Waste" and was sending this waste via open trailers to Boom and Belmopan. The red bags you see in your photo are only (by international protocols) used for "Bio Hazardous Waste" i.e. body parts, blood and medical instruments (needles, scalpels etc.) contaminated with HIV and other body fluids. In fact the media ran a story around the same time showing Red and Green (Safe Waste) bags mixed together in the KHMH Garbage area. Apparently the public remains apathetic. Wow!!! This is horrid and barbaric. No politics. Just highly unacceptable akin to cruise ships dumping schite in our harbour and the English Caye Channel. Lets hope mainstream media picks up on this here in Belize.

Actun Tunichil Muknal on Wikipedia
Went yesterday to see the damage to the skull at ATM. It's the skull of the 9 to 13 year old child next to the Crystal Maiden. There is a 3 by 2 inch break in it. It looks like a tiny camera fell on it. There is talk about fixing the hole. Also examined the skull that had the tooth broken out of it 7 years ago. We support the banning of cameras from ATM.

Candlelight Vigils for Jasmine Lowe
There will be a candlelight vigil for Jasmine Lowe this evening at 7:00pm. There will be a memorial service at Shining Light Baptist Church, in Georgeville, across from Pine Lumber, at 4:00pm. We hope for a memorable, peaceful vigil that sends a powerful message.

Green Iguana Conservation Project
The Iguana Hatchery is highlighted in this video. Humberto Requena describes the SIRH Iguana Project, and introduces the iguanas - he's famous. "Roni hangs out with Gomez and Roxy, two iguanas from San Ignacio Resort's Iguana Project."

Cheesecake Filled Strawberries

KAKAW Belizean Chocolate Cake: Desserts of Belize
If there is one recipe… one way that you will ever make chocolate cake again, this is it. I was gifted with 2 pounds of raw cacao from Jo Sayer and Chris Beaumont of KAKAW Chocolate of San Pedro, Belize. I imagined the glorious food I would make upon my return home, and wondered if I would make it through US customs with a big bag of brown powder. Thankfully, chocolate lovers were posted at every station of my return, and my precious cocoa made it back to my kitchen. KAKAW cocoa comes from criollo beans that are both fruity, woody and complex. They make a great cake.

Channel 7

88 Year Old Man And 83 Year Old Wife, Gagged & Bound By Robbers
Yesterday morning an elderly couple was targeted in a terrifying home invasion. 88 year old Frederick Avilez and his 83 year old wife were at home when 3 men tied them up and robbed them of almost everything. We spoke to them today where they recounted the appalling ordeal for us. Robin Schaffer reporting Yesterday morning around 10:30, Frederick Avilez was having his ritual morning tea while his wife was changing in her room when a gunman appeared at his back door. Frederick Avilez - Home Invasion Victim "All of a sudden this guy came through the door with a gun in his hand. The door was open, he told me to put my hands behind my back. I put my hands behind my back and he tied them then he went inside my wife's room." Emily Avilez - Victim of Home Invasion "I was here in my room clearing up my bed because I was going out and all of a sudden like a shadow came over - hi hand was around my throat. He told me don't make any noise, I saw that he had a knife in his hands towards my throat. I did not make any noise. He told me to go outside and so I went outside." She recalled later that the knife was so sharp that, while it was held to her throat, in her surprise and fear it sliced her finger - something she didn't realize until she was taken into the living room and ordered to sit down.

Cayo Police have Car & Suspect In Custody
Tonight, Cayo Police are keeping a white car under tight wraps - as they believe it could play a central role in the Jasmine Lowe murder investigation. The driver - who we understand to be an older man from San Ignacio - is also detained as a person of interest. Police wouldn't let us videotape the car, which is hidden from public view - and today officer commanding for the Cayo district Chester Williams wouldn't tell us too much about it - only to say that it has been scoured for forensic evidence:.. Senior Superintendent Chester Williams "We have since brought in one person of interest and have detained a person of interest as well. However we are still in the elimination stage of our investigation. We have done certain forensic works through the National Forensic Service as well as utilizing the Belize Scenes of Crime Unit with the new van that they have receive just recently to do some work within the vehicle that we have in our custody." "We are very optimistic of the result of that but we have to wait until the forensic expert get through with their investigation. We cannot say definitely that that is the vehicle but we believe it is. We will be able to confirm that that is the vehicle as soon as we get the enhance video which has been sent to the US Embassy for further analysis. When we get that video back from the Embassy then we will be able to say whether or not it is indeed the vehicle by virtue of the license plates."

Mayen Jr. Takes The Rap For Mayen Sr.
37 year-old Daryl Mayen Sr., 51 year-old Rosalie Bell, 25 year-old Arzel Flowers, and 19 year-old Crystal Lewis, dodged a drug possession charge today after Mayen's son, 18 year-old Daryl Mayen Jr., took the rap so that the rest could be freed. According to the Gang Suppression Unit, this morning between 6:30 a.m. and 9 a.m., they conducted a search at #2057 Teacher's Street, West Landivar, which is the residence of Daryl Mayen Sr. During a search of a room in the house that belongs Daryl Mayen Jr., and his girlfriend Crystal Lewis, the officers found a transparent plastic bag which contained 7 grams of crack cocaine inside the front pocket of a jeans pants that was hanging in the room. A further search led to the discovery of an undetermined amount of crack cocaine. As a result, all 5 were all jointly charged with possession of a controlled drug. Daryl Mayen Jr. and Crystal Lewis were also jointly charged with drug trafficking for the 7 grams.

GSU Makes Bust At Mike's Club
Mike's Clun on Regent Street West in Belize City is one of the oldest bars in the city - and it's also got one of the oldest owners, 84 year old Alvin Diamond. And today, he become one of the oldest persons to be charged with drug trafficking. Diamond, along with two bartenders and a regular patron of the bar are all facing drug trafficking charges after the Gang Suppression Unit found cocaine at the bar yesterday. According to the GSU, they conducted a search between 1:30 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. Officers found 22 grams - less than an ounce - of crack cocaine inside a plastic bucket in a storage area for the club. 50 year-old Ernest Brown; 20 year-old Kanisha Ariola, both bartenders; and 84 year-old retiree and owner of the club, Alvin Diamond; and 50 year-old Douglas Patterson, were all charged jointly with drug trafficking. They were arraigned before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer today. They pleaded not guilty to the charges and were granted bail of $6,000.

Man Says He Did Not Accuse Tyrone Ellis
Earlier this week we told you about the Meighan Brothers, Ellis and Tyrone, who, according to reports, are at the center of numerous murder plots. Last Saturday night there was a shooting near their Banak Street home. It resulted in Tyrone Meighan being charged with aggravated assault. He was taken to court on Tuesday for that charge. According to police, 59 year-old Henry Lammey, a security guard posted at the AES Compound on Cemetery Road, reported on Saturday, June 2, at about 12:30 a.m., he was doing his duties as a watchman, when he saw Meighan passing through. Lammey reportedly said that he was standing beside several watchdogs when Meighan pulled a firearm and fired several shots in his direction but missed. As a result, he called the police, and immediately made a report. Police detained Meighan the next day, and they formally charged him with aggravated assault and discharging a firearm in public. But, today Lammey told us he made no such complaint. Here's his side of the story. He asked to appear off camera:.. Henry Lammey "That is not true because this thing happened so fast that I couldn't even see who it was. I am not sure if it was him, if he bring him in front of me I wouldn't know if it was him."

Reports: A Belizean Chopped Up In Mexico
According to Mexican media reports, on Monday a Belizean man was chopped to death in an area of Southern Mexico known as Cocoyol. His name is given as Jose Rodriguez who was working as a cane cutter in Mexico. The reports say that on Monday night he got into a machete fight with a Guatemalan man named Oscar. Oscar chopped him across the face, the head, hands and leg and then fled. Mexican police are looking for this Oscar who is believed to have headed for the Rio Hondo River and fled across to Belize or Guatemala. Oscar is believed to have himself been injure din the machete duel. Latest reports say that if Jose Rodriguez's body is not claimed in four days, it could be sent to a mass grave. Apparently his identification documents do not point to any relatives that can be contacted.

For The Love Of Labouring Creek
All this week, we've been telling you about the massive Canal that has been cut right through the Labouring Creek Jaguar Corridor Wildlife Sanctuary. It covers three kilometers of the sanctuary, spans 35 feet, and is 20 feet deep. Today we spoke via phone to a trio of Doctors from the Environmental Research Institute at the University of Belize. They explained to us the importance of the corridor as it connects the jungles of northern and southern Belize. Dr. Elma Kay said that cutting a canal through it could have a consequential effect on a number of species, the jaguar included:.. Dr. Elma Kay, Dir. Terrestrial Science & Admin - ERI, UB "You are talking about severing an area that is one of the last remaining connections from the northern block forest to the Maya mountains. How do we contain at least one continuous track of forest even if it's not large that still allows for the animals to move through and be able to cross the highway and continue on into other protected areas and the Maya mountains." "For the corridor and for movements and for connectivity of those animal populations - it has huge implications."

Candle-Light For Jasmine In City As Well
On Saturday night, the Cayo community will have a vigil for Jasmine Lowe - the 12 year old girl who was murdered earlier this week. The disturbing murder has left many Belizeans in shock, and paralyzed by fear. But it has spurred one citizen into action. Dianne Finnegan stopped by our studios today to encourage Belizeans to stand in solidarity and protest against the violence. She told us how you can do your part: Dianne Finnegan "When I heard the announcement about the vigil in Cayo, even though the outcry is tremendous nationwide, all of us won't be able to go to Cayo and so what better way of expressing our solidarity than right where we are at." "I am asking that countrywide you go to your nearby park - you choose a place that you would like to hold this vigil. Come out with your candle and t-shirt. This is not just about Jasmine, this is about standing in solidarity and saying we've got to do something and I think we've been settling for too long." "If we don't do something now I think what we are doing is actually inviting and saying it's okay we can deal with, it's going to last just a few days and then we go on as business as usual. No, as a mother, for me the sadness continues - the cry continues that we've got to stand in solidarity with parents, with mothers who are out there really feeling this hurt." The candlelight ceremony in the Belize district will begin at 7 tomorrow evening at the Battlefield Park to coincide with the simultaneous candlelight vigil in San Ignacio Town.

First National Spelling B Winner From Toledo
Today 12 of Belize's finest Primary School spellers went head to head as they battled to become this year's Spelling Bee Champ. The "Spellibrities" - as they are called comprise two representatives from each district - and they gathered at 9:30 this morning for The Grand Finale of the Coca-Cola National Spelling Bee at the Countryside Park in Spanish Lookout in the Cayo District. It's the tournament's 18th year and first place winner Dayne Guy made history -becoming the first Spelling Bee Champ reigning from the Toledo District. Here's his crowning moment.... Monica Bodden "How do you feel to be the Spelling B champ for this year?" Dayne Guy, 1st winner "I feel splendid." Monica Bodden "Tell me about all the hard work that you had to put in today?" Dayne Guy, 1st winner "I had to study late nights and sometimes I study in the day and at school. I did a lot of studying." Monica Bodden "How many words you think you actually gone through?" Dayne Guy, 1st winner "That's about over 5,000."

Channel 5

Suspect detained for questioning about Jasmine Lowe’s murder
Jasmine Lowe’s murder continues to send shockwaves and galvanize communities across the country. Tonight, police can confirm that one man, a taxi driver from the Cayo area is in custody as a suspect in the brutal murder of the thirteen year old scout, who went missing on Monday and was found dead on Wednesday in [...]

Prayer and candlelight vigil for Jasmine
Supporters of the Lowe family are holding a vigil tonight and another is planned for Saturday night. If you are unable to attend the San Ignacio prayer vigils for Jasmine Lowe, a simultaneous vigil will take place at the Battlefield Park in Belize City on Saturday night. Activist, Diane Finnegan says that city residents should [...]

P.M. speaks candidly about wife’s heart
Prime Minister Dean Barrow returned on Thursday from Miami where his wife is recovering from heart complications related to her breast cancer treatment. On arrival, the PM spoke at length with the media at the Philip Goldson International Airport about the condition of Kim Simplis Barrow. While she has been released from the hospital, Simplis [...]

Immigration Scandal again: Chinese obtain Belmopan visas before they reach Belize
On Wednesday afternoon an AeroCaribe flight from Havana, Cuba arrived at the PGIA. Amongst the passengers was a group of sixteen Chinese nationals who raised suspicions. They all received visas to visit Belize even after the issuance of Belizeans visas were banned at the Embassy in Cuba in 2010 because of the large amount of [...]

Independence Village Court now in session
The opening of a first magistrate court in a village took place today. The Chief Justice says it is fulfilling a legal requirement; with that the court was inaugurated in the village of Independence in the south. Nearby Communities such as Placencia and Red Bank will now access the Independence Court instead of the Dangriga [...]

The buzz about who won the Coca Cola Spelling Bee!
The National Spelling Bee finals took place this morning in Spanish Lookout. It was a nail biting experience for the twelve participants, but in the end a student from Toledo spelled his way through to the championship with a word he recognized, but many may not know what it means. Primary school students from the [...]

CARSI’s U.S. $1.1 Million for youth initiatives
The United States Embassy says it will be providing over a million U.S. dollars towards programmes geared toward at risk youth. The funding from the CARSI initiative will go to a community policing initiative called the GREAT Program which essentially teaches children from a young age to reject a lifestyle of gangs and violence. News [...]

Dredging in the biological corridor; is it a crime?
More details have become available on the development taking place within the Labouring Creek Jaguar Corridor Wildlife Sanctuary. The Environmental Research Institute of the University of Belize says that along with Panthera and Ministry of Forestry, it is responsible for oversight of the protected area. According to ERI, a canal, almost two miles long and [...]

Mother held on drug trafficking charges
Deborah Myvette, an employee at the Housing Department, appeared in court today to answer charges of drug trafficking following the discovery of separate quantities of cocaine inside her West Street residence. On July third, 2011 a team of officers attached to the Gang Suppression Unit conducted a raid at Myvette’s home where they found nine [...]

Crack in the club
Four persons, including a senior citizen, have been arrested for a small quantity of crack cocaine found stashed away at Mike’s Club in Belize City. The four persons include the owner of the club, eighty-four year old Alvin Diamonds, bartenders, twenty year old Kamisha Ariola and fifty year old Ernest Brown as well as fifty [...]

Drugs found at the Mayen residence
The GSU also reported on another search at the house of Daryl Mayen, who was arrested following a fight at the funeral of Anthony Mayen. Present during the search early this morning were Daryl Mayen Junior, Crystal Lewis, Rosalie Bell and Arzel Flowers. In Daryl Junior and Lewis’ room, police found a transparent plastic bag [...]

George Frazer; a Life Revealed
George Frazer is an institution in the trade union movement. He has been at the front lines of the labor movement for close to three decades advocating for the rights of workers and fighting against injustices. The Lion, as she called, has led strikes, protests and has sat at the bargaining table for long years. [...]

Teaching youths about the lord with Reggaeton
While vigils will be held across the country on Saturday, at the UB Gymnasium in Belmopan a massive concert has been organized to bring youths together in an effort to spread God’s word. Revival 2012 is an annual entertainment event featuring prominent gospel and Christian musicians from across the region. Headlining this year’s festival is [...]


Over a hundred students graduated from Belmopan Comprehensive High School last night. Correspondent Fem Cruz reports. FEM CRUZ, Reporter “Belmopan Comprehensive High School proudly held their 39th commencement exercise last night at the UB gymnasium in Belmopan City...

La Immaculada House of Mercy on Church Street Orange Walk Town was broken into last night. Stolen was a quantity of food that was intended to feed needy children and families. Maria Lisa Martin coordinates the House of Mercy. MARIA LISA MARTIN – Coordinator a...

This week the Belize Tourism Association Orange Walk Chapter opened a tourism information center in Orange Walk Town. Dalila Ical has the story. DALILA ICAL, Reporter “The Belize Tourism Industry Association Orange Walk Chapter is aiming at promoting Orange Walk as a tour...

In related news: the Special Envoy for Women and Children Mrs. Kim Simplis barrow has also spoke out on the murder of Jasmine Lowe. In a statement issued yesterday, Mrs. Barrow notes that since 2011, in her role as Special Envoy for Women and Children, she has been advocating for...

Belizeans for Justice today issued a statement on the death of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe as well as the recent murder of eleven year old Daniel Matura. The statement says, quote: “Belizeans For Justice believes that these incidents are symptomatic of this government&rs...

Residents of San Ignacio and surrounding areas are pushing for newer more stringent laws to regulate taxi operations in Belize. The push for the new regulations comes on the heels of the murder this week of thirteen year old Jasmine Lowe. Mary Carriddi is the sponsor of the...

The Ambassador of Cuba has completed a working visit to Dangriga. Correspondent Harry Arzu reports. HARRY ARZU, Reporter “Ambassador of Cuba to Belize, His Excellency, Manuel Rubido, is on an official working visit to Dangriga. During his visit, Amb...

Family and friends of Jasmine Lowe are still trying to come to grips with the murder of the teenager whose body was discovered yesterday. Marion Ali travelled West today and has this story. MARION ALI, Reporter “The autopsy on the body of thirteen year old Jasmine L...


Belizean National Found Dead In Mexico
A Belizean laborer has been chopped to death in the community of Cocoyol over the Mexican Border. In an article dated June 6th in el Dario de Quintana Roo the Belizean laborer is identified as one Jose Rodriguez who was allegedly murdered by his fellow worker only known as “Oscar” of Guatemalan origin who is no where to be found. The article further states that around 9:00pm yesterday Rodriguez lifeless body was discovered just about 12 kilometers in a sugar cane field in an area known as “Chicimil”. At first glance the body was seen with chop wounds to the head and right hand, two chop wounds to the face, two on each wrist, two chop wounds to the back of the head and one on the right leg. At the scene of the crime authorities found a bloody machete, a pair of boot, a file and personal items belonging to Oscar. According to initial investigations it is believed that Oscar and Rodriguez were involved in a physical altercation which resulted in Rodriguez’s death. Given the advance state of decomposition it is believed that Rodriguez was murdered on Monday night, about 12 hours before being found. Mexican authorities believe that Oscar has crossed the Guatemalan Border. Reports are that Jose Rodriguez had just started working in the area a week ago.

Marciano Mendez Slapped With A Number Of Charges
Thirty four year old Marciano Mendez, the man who threatened to blow up his house and take away his life, was arraigned today in the Orange Walk’s Magistrate Court for a number of charges. Mendez was charged for attempted arson for which he pleaded not guilty. In his defense, Mendez stated that on Thursday May 24th he was in the kitchen drinking water when police officers barged into his residence located on San Narciso Street. As to the mini explosion that came next, Mendez told Magistrate Merlene Moody that it was caused by a cell phone. How exactly could that happen you are asking? Well, according to the 34 year old, when his cell phone rang it created a spark causing the explosion. Viewers might recall that on the day of the incident Mendez reportedly cut the hose from his butane tank, allegedly in an attempt to take his own life since his wife had left him. Mendez was also charged with resisting lawful arrest for which, again, he pleaded not guilty. In his defense he stated that police officers carried out there job unprofessionally and he was not given any reason as to why he was being arrested. He further stated that on the day of the incident he was not thinking properly.

Murder Of Thirteen Year Old Shakes The Entire Country
The murder of 13 year old Jasmine Lowe has left Belizeans both at home and aboard in shock. Her murder has plunged a wave of comments on Facebook and other social networks with people pouring out their sentiments about her timeless death and rage against her brutal murderer. Condolences to the Lowe family have been countless and the cry for Jasmine’s murderer to be brought to justice has resounded across the country. Her death has even promted the involvement of the U.S Embassy who is presently working with the police department in enhancing a video which shows Jasmine entering a white station wagon taxi near the low lying bridge in Santa Elena. That’s the last time she was seen alive. According the child’s father he believes Jasmine took the taxi since she was tired. She was headed to her mother’s salon where she was to get her nails done to attend the Diamond Queens Jubilee in Belmopan. That was on Monday and yesterday afternoon the child’s body was found near a farm in Cristo Rey Village. So far police believe that Jasmine was murdered at another location after which her attacker dumped her body near the farm where it was found in an advanced state of decomposition. And tonight while police continue their search for the person or persons who murdered the 13 year old, a post mortem examination has been unable to determine the cause of death due to the advance sate of decomposition. Police believe that Jasmine was murdered sometime Monday night. It is believed that the 13 year old knew the driver of the vehicle. So far no arrests have been made. Meanwhile another teenager girl has been reported missing in the Village of Bella Vista in the Toledo District.

10 Year Old Visually Impaired Student Takes BJAT
Living with a disability is not easy and while most of us take live for granted people with disabilities embrace life on a daily basis. Tonight in our newscast we bring you the story of a 10 year old student attending Saint Peter’s Anglican Primary School who is visually impaired. But despite his lack off sight, Dayel Carbajal is a vibrant and intelligent student with big dreams. Today when we caught up with him, he was focused on taking the Belize Junior Achievement Test. Hipolito Novelo, Reporting Dayel Carbajal performs the same any 10 year old does at school. He follows the school rules, does his school work, listens to his teacher, plays with his classmates and even jokes around. But there is one thing that differentiates Dayel from the rest of his peers-he is visually impaired and was born that way. But because Carbajal can’t see, that doesn’t mean he can’t learn. In fact, he is one of the brightest students in his std-3 class at Saint Peters Anglican School. Laurelia Manzania, Teacher “Dayel is a very unique child it was a privilege for me to have him this year I learnt a lot from him. I see that he is a child that can be successful in life and he is doing great in his BJAT. Yesterday he went to our principal to do his examination and he did an oral story and it just impressed me the way how he expressed himself saying his story. He had some great ideas that the principal were happy to have this child in our school.”

Bowen And Bowen Exhibit Opens At The Corozal House Of Culture
Painting is a mode of creative expression which manifests the expressive and conceptual intention of the practitioner. It forms a representational medium for emotion, history and culture which tells the complex story of the past and unique values of life. Here in Belize culture is both diverse and intricate which is the main idea behind most artists paint brush. Today the Bowen and Bowen company is celebrating their 50th anniversary of bottling Coca Cola in Belize that has formed part of Belizean history. With that in mind a new exhibition was opened in the companies honor at the Corozal House Of Culture. Hipolito Novelo, Reporting The Corozal House of Culture opened the new art exhibition in honor of Bowen and Bowen Ltd which is celebrating 50 years of Coca Cola production in Belize. The exhibition invited artists from across the country to take part in the exhibit by submitting their very own interpretation of Coca Cola in Belize. The paintings saw everything from the democratic Belizean Flag to the majestic jaguar and cultural practices of life within the country.

DEMO Corozal Prepares For Hurricane Season
June 1st marked the beginning of the Atlantic Hurricane Season. Predictions are that it is going to be relatively average hurricane season with a total of ten named systems of which six are expected to become hurricanes and two are expected to become category three or stronger hurricanes. And while Belizeans are definitely keeping their fingers crossed hoping for the best District Emergency Management Organizations are already gearing up with their plan of action. Today we visited the Corozal District Emergency Management Organization office where we were told that the different Corozal committees have been training and preparing for any unfortunate circumstance that may derive from this hurricane season. Willard Levi, DEMO coordinator, Corozal “Well it is the usual thing that we do we update ourselves with all our emergency committees within the district, we have the District Emergency Committees and we also have the Village Committees. These people we train them and have them prepared should in case there is an emergency or a catastrophe. At this point we have trained a few in shelter management and recently yesterday we had training on damage assessment. So we are doing a series of training and we are preparing we have our plan of action for each committee and each committee has their plan of action for we are ready to activate.”

OCEANA And GOB Go Back To Court
On Wednesday May 16th the Coalition to Save Our Natural Heritage and Citizens Organized for Liberty through Action filed a petition to join the case of Oceana against the Government of Belize regarding oil concession contracts signed between GOB and six oil companies. This morning, in the Belize Supreme Court, both COLA and the Coalition were granted leave to join OCEANA as claimants challenging the validity and the legality of the contracts. Today we spoke to vice president of OCEANA Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd who explained what occurred this morning in court and what the leave means for OCEANA. Audrey Matura Shepherd- Vice President OCEANA Belize “What has happened is that the last time we had been at the court we had applied for the Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage COLA to become claimants in a case that Oceana commenced against the Government. That is a case in which we are disputing the legality and validity of all the offshore oil contracts. Of course when we made that application Government objected to them being joined as claimants and so they were now able to go today and argue why that object should take place and rule that yes Cola and the Coalition can be claimants in the same case with us.

OCEANA Celebrates World Oceans Day
Tomorrow will be recognized by the international community as World Oceans Day celebrated under the theme “Youth: the Next Wave for Change”. The Ocean serves as the lungs of our planet, providing most of the oxygen we breathe. World Oceans Day serves as an opportunity to celebrate the major source of food and medicines the ocean provides. It’s also a time for the world to acknowledge the deep seas intrinsic value. Knowing how valuable the Ocean is for the survival of mother earth, Belize has joined the world in celebrating World Oceans Day. In Belize, OCEANA known as the advocates for the environment will be showing a movie entitled “End of the Line” in Belize City tomorrow. Vice President of OCEANA Belize, Audrey Matura told us more. Audrey Matura Shepherd- Vice President OCEANA Belize “We are having a grand event unfortunately only in Belize City for right now we will be showing a movie entitled “End of The Line”. We are asking the schools to come out, the students to come out since we will be having great prices at the door and a raffle and we will have great prizes for the school that brings out the most students. One of the other things that we are doing is that we are awarding our wave maker of the year that is person who has done a lot to promote the work of OCEANA and we are also awarding our OCEAN Hero which is a person who throughout his life or her life has done a lot of work to bring the recognition to the need for us to have protection in Belize.”


Cristo Rey water crisis continues
The residents of Cristo Rey village in the Cayo district are still waiting for a restoration of their water system. Love TV’s Patrick Jones and video journalist Myles Gillett went back to the village last night for an update on the ongoing water crisis.

A good day in court for Oceana-Belize
The Supreme Court this morning granted leave for two groups to join Oceana Belize as claimants in the case challenging the validity and legality of offshore oil contracts. Vice President of Oceana-Belize Audrey Matura Shepherd gave us the update at the conclusion of court proceedings this morning.

Special Envoy for Women and Children issues statement
Kim Simplis Barrow: This afternoon, the Special Envoy for Women and Children issued a statement on the death of Jasmine Lowe. It says, and we quote: “The news that 13-year-old Jasmine Lowe was discovered dead has left me and many Belizeans very saddened. An innocent life has been taken, leaving a family and community devastated. Most naturally, residents are calling on the authorities and government to not only bring the perpetrator to justice, but to strengthen the existing systems so that these crimes are more difficult to commit and easier to prosecute. Since 2011, in my role as Special Envoy for Women and Children, I have been advocating the drafting of new legislation for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, Trafficking in Persons and sexual assaults. I’ve also been working closely with the Solicitor General’s office, Ministry of Human Development, the Department of Public Prosecution and Police Department. In fact, I made a suggestion to the former Minister of Police, Mr. Doug Singh, for the establishment of a new Special Victims Unit. I am happy to say this idea has been embraced by the new Minister of Police, Hon. John Saldivar, and is being formed as we speak—of course as a part of a holistic initiative. These things take time to put in place, if it is to be done properly. Presently, there are many public officers in the United States being trained in forensics, evidence gathering, inspection, and the like. Believe me, even though I’ve been on my sick bed, I’ve been working to get measures in place to better protect our children and punish perpetrators. I know it may not be happening fast enough for some, but the appropriate linkages have to be made for these efforts to be truly effective. In the meantime, I urge parents and guardians to improve communication with their children, teach them how to protect themselves, get to know their friends and their friend’s parents. We also need to re-embrace the adage that “it takes a village to raise a child” and start looking out not just for our own children but all children. By working together we can make Belize a better and safer place for all our children. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to the Lowe family in their time of grief; no parent should have to endure heartache from the death of their child.” End of quote.

Murdered teen buried after autopsy
Twenty four hours after her decomposing body was found on a feeder road near Cristo Rey village, tonight the police continues their search for the person or persons responsible for the brutal murder. The death of the teenager from Santa Elena town has galvanized an entire community to action and shocked an entire nation. Love TV’s Marion Ali and video journalist Brian Castillo went back to Cayo today to investigate the latest homicide. On a separate note, another teenage girl has been reported missing, this time in Bella Vista community in Toledo. Love News understands that the thirteen year old walked to the community school on Wednesday morning and that was the last time she was seen.

Minister not happy about illegal clearing in Wildlife Sanctuary
Although this morning Minister of Forestry Alamilla was focused on the development of a national Belize’s Coastal Zone policy, her office is also dealing with illegal activities in a protected area. A developer has been clearing parts of the Labouring Creek Jaguar Corridor Wildlife Sanctuary for agriculture development, namely the planting of sugar cane. The illegal activity has apparently been going on for a while and the ministry just became aware of the activity about a week ago. This morning Love News asked Minister Alamilla to explain how the developer came to own land in a protected area in the first place. This was her response. The agricultural development was planned to take over eighteen thousand acres of land in the area.

Working towards Coastal Zone mmanagement policy
The Belize Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute today hosted part one of a State of the Coastal Zone Summit. The event was held at the Fisheries Compound on Princess Margaret Drive. Vincent Gillett is the Chief Executive Officer for the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute. Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable development Liselle Alamilla during her opening address ascertained that her ministry is committed to integrating the Coastal Zone Management. A detailed view of the ICZM plan was presented by Chantalle Clarke form CZMAI after the ceremony. The summit resumes on Friday after the scheduled run for the coast which will leave BTL Park at five thirty tomorrow morning proceeding towards the Bliss Lighthouse.

Man pleads guilty to stealing chocolate bar
44 year old fisherman Elias Pech, a resident of North Front Street, charged with the theft of a Hershey chocolate bar from Save-U Supermarket pleaded guilty to the charge when he appeared today in Court. Although Pech had nine previous convictions, one for theft and another for burglary, Magistrate Hettie Mae Stuart did not give him a custodial sentence. She fined him $500.00 and gave him until June 29 to pay. If he defaults on payment he will serve six months. But Pech was not allowed to go free because he has court fines for which payment is outstanding. He has to pay those fines before he can get his freedom. The theft occurred around 9:45 am yesterday. Stanley Williams a security guard at Save-U, reported that Pech entered the supermarket and he was seen on surveillance camera taking the chocolate bar from the shelf. When Pech did not pay for the chocolate bar he was stopped and searched the search resulted in the discovery of the chocolate bar in the waist of Pech’s pants.

Prisoner’s escape is short-lived
A prisoner escaped from Magistrates Court shortly after 11 this morning. He is David Flowers, a resident of Perez Road, Ladyville. Flowers was remanded to prison on a charge of burglary and he was brought to court today to get a further remand date, August 15. The court was not in session when Flowers was brought in and he politely walked out of the court room unnoticed by the court orderly. Flowers went up Regent Street then turned right into Bishop Street and disappeared he has not been apprehended yet. Flowers allegedly committed the burglary on January 18,2012 at the residence of Christelle Wilson, an attorney who resides in Ladyville. A number of house hold items were stolen.


Home invasion leaves elderly couple shaken but unhurt
Fredrick Avilez 88 years old and his wife Emily Avilez 83 years old – Belizean Americans who are retirees and have ...

Call for new taxi legislations - 'Jasmine Taxi Laws'
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Man detained, taxi seized in Jasmine Lowe murder investigation
The pictures onscreen show a taxi station wagon taxi, purportedly the one used in the committal of the murder of Ja...

Revival 2012 featuring 'Triple Seven' from Puerto Rico slated for Saturday
Triple Seven is already in Belize; we are getting ready for the big concert tomorrow - Revival 2012. Myself along w...

Our Lady of Guadalupe School hosts Culture Day
Belize is described as the melting pot of cultures and this morning Our Lady of Guadalupe Primary School celebrated...

Church services community park in Belmopan
Graduation, final exams and schools closing, means only one thing; summer is here. During the summer, missionary te...

Minister's kin charged with drug trafficking
The niece of Minister Michael Finnegan will answer to two counts of drug trafficking cocaine after two separate amo...

Camalote home broken into
A home in Camalote Village was burglarized yesterday. 39yr old Gabriel Vasquez a Taxi Driver of Camalote Village re...

Caye Caulker Chronicles

Arts & Crafts Boulevard…
If you walk on Front Street on the way to the Split, you will find yourself passing many interesting arts and craft street-side stands. I call the area “Arts & Crafts Boulevard.” We would like to introduce you to a few interesting ones …

Lobster Season to open June 15th
Lobster season is set to open on June 15th. That’s the day this delicacy will be able to be served in your omelettes, entrees, and favorite dishes. Don’t forget, Lobster Fest, a celebration of the crustacean that was the lifeblood of the economy of the island for many decades, begins on June 29th. Mark your calendars! If you walk around the village you may run into fishermen preparing their lobster traps such as those pictured below, readying themselves for the start of the season.


Jose Rodriguez chopped to death in Mexico
A report in the Mexican newspaper Diario de Quintana Roo, dated Thursday, June 6, 2012, says that a Belizean, Jose Rodriguez, was found chopped to death in a sugarcane area called “Chichimil,” in the community of Cocoyol.

Four teenagers charged with burglary and handling stolen goods
Two of them are minors, a female and a male; the female minor has a month-old baby, the woman is pregnant, the man’s girlfriend is pregnant and the male minor’s girlfriend is pregnant...

Two San Ignacio teens missing
They reportedly went to the George Street area to visit a friend, and have not been seen since... The Espat and the Alamilla families from San Pedro are desperately trying to find their teenage sons who went missing in Belize City since Saturday, June 2. Eduardo Daniel Alamilla, 17, and Charlie Jamille Espat, also 17, both fishermen of San Pedro, arrived in Belize City from San Ignacio and reportedly went to the George Street area to visit a friend, and have not been seen since.

Western Regional Hospital burning medical waste in open dump
Amandala has received photographic and other evidence of a practice that is raising eyebrows in the nation’s capital, Belmopan, in which the city’s hospital, the Western Regional Hospital, is burning its medical waste at the open dumpsite on the Hummingbird Highway three miles south of the City because the incinerator on the hospital’s compound is apparently out of commission.

TTCU in Bella Vista to reopen Friday after robbery
$36,100 stolen, plus valuables and vehicle; police recover $34,000, charge three “lawless” lawmen... General Manager says no more caps, shades allowed... The Bella Vista, Stann Creek District branch of the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union (TTCU), will re-open for business tomorrow morning, Friday, after being closed on Tuesday and Wednesday in the aftermath of a robbery of the premises allegedly masterminded by three law enforcement officers acting outside the law. (The branch is normally closed on Thursdays.)

Schoolgirl, 13, found decomposing in Cristo Rey
Postmortem inconclusive as to cause of death because of body’s advanced state of decomposition... The fully clothed body of Jasmine Lowe, 13, a student and Girl Scout of High Street, Santa Elena, was found decomposing on a roadside near a farm in the Cristo Rey area of San Ignacio, around 11:30 a.m. yesterday, Wednesday.

Table Tennis - 2012 RF&G 2nd Bi-Annual National Ranking Tournament - June 2-3, BES Auditorium
With some 45 players participating in the tournament, the competition started on Saturday, June 2, with the 15UNDER Cadet division, which saw some 15 young and energetic table tennis players competing in the Round Robin first round competition. With the top 8 winners advancing to the Double Elimination final round, defending champion Matthew Usher made it to the finals round four and eventually emerged as champion once again

Female Jaguars repeat, male Jaguars dropped by Rebels in Bze District volleyball finals
The best-of-three championship finals series for both males and females tipped off on Thursday night, May 31, with both Jaguars teams, sponsored and coached by Allan Sharp, posting comfortable victories. The female Jaguars lost the first set to challengers Moen Stars, sponsored by Brothers Habet and Lupita Quan, and coached by Jack Reyes; but the Jaguars bounced back to take the next three sets and the match, 19-25, 26-24, 25-16, 25-14.

BBF partners with Sprite & Belikin Beer to launch National 3x3 Basketball Tour
The Belize Basketball Federation (BBF) is pleased and excited to announce the launch of the first National 3x3 Basketball Tour for the senior men and male U-18 categories. 3x3 basketball is a new category of basketball that has been aggressively promoted by our affiliate body, FIBA, and will become an official sport in the 2016 or 2020 Olympics. The 3x3 game is a variation of basketball where two teams, each consisting of three players, play on a half court.

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