BTL and SMART will shut down unregistered phones on Friday

If you haven't registered your mobile phones, please head right now to your service provider and register your number.

According to sources, SMART and BTL are ready to cut off service for all unregistered phones on the 13th of this month, which is Friday.

The main reason for the registering of cell phone numbers is in order to fight crime, a demand made by the government last year. Not to many people took this serious the first time around, so BTL and SMART had to prolong the deadline of the registering of phones to this month. This time around they will take action and have announced that all unregistered phones will be shut down if not registered by the deadline given.

When you go to register your phones you will also need to carry with you an ID, passport or your social security card. Please make sure you go from now and avoid the last minute rush.