From a good friend in Belize:
(For the not informed: Yeye (Mandarin Chinese) = granddad)

Good morning Yeye

We are dealing with a horrible situation in Belize right now.
A so called 'eco' resort in southern Belize Indian Creek area has
caged & starved jaguars abandoned to die!
Forestry is there right now trying to save what they can.
Resort is huge, 13,000 acres, Belize Lodge and Excursion, they also
own Moho Caye Resort, which is in a marine reserve.
They have the nerve to call one lodge Baluum Na, which means House of
the Jaguar.
check out their fancy website--they own alot & rich as hell.
I spent most of yesterday calling Forestry, the BZ Tourist Board, the
conservation societies around Belize.
there is no charge for a permit for keeping a jaguar!
it should be $50,000 at least, with training, license, regular checks,
all that stuff.
Again--foreign owners making a huge mess in Belize & giving Belize bad press.
Internet is pretty fast, and with all the social media & blogs etc,
this story is public.
very public.
personally, I hope the jaguars can recover, the owners get kicked out
of Belize or JAILED here at Hattieville, their land confiscated, and
then we other hotel owners get to flog them in public. Even better,
let me just kick them until I cannot kick anymore.
They did not even release them into the wild, they abandoned them in
a slow horrible painful death--for what? tourist amusement? private
The whole time we were a few miles away at Cacaofest, these animals
were dying of thirst and hunger.
and not only jaguars but monkeys, parrots, etc--starved to death already.
shame shame shame this went unmonitored by the BTB--they check every
single hotel for fire extinguishers and licenses--you would think they
could send the Forestry Dept to check up on the wild creatures that
are shown on their damn website!
BTB won't even release the owners names!

not happy with this bs!