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It is beyond my comprehension that the managing director of the company, the captain of the ship -- and this is not some small mom 'n pop operation, as it is, or was, a multi-million dollar operation -- could just walk away and remain totally unaware of this happening.

The bigger the ship, the further the Captain from the helm. It is a damn shame to loose two fine animals and there should be accountability.

Yet, how many times have we read or heard of workers taking advantage of "the captain of the ship" being away? Far too often in point of fact.

Should "the captain" have considered this in the plans to maintain his property and charges during his absence? Definitely. Is the worker going to be held on charges of animal cruelty and theft? Most likely not - there's nothing to gain in press or prison by going after the individual closest to the action but we can probably get a few dollars from the "multi-million dollar operation".