The severely malnourished Jaguar that was found at the Ballum Na resort near Indian Creek village is now in his new home and in safe hands. Love News spoke with Umberto Wahlers, head of animal management at the Belize Zoo for an update on the Jaguar.

UMBERTO WAHLERS, Head of Animal Management (Belize Zoo)
“Let me start by saying that we got a call from the Forest Department that the system is transpiring a very emaciated jaguar from Indian Creek to the Belize zoo that was on Monday. We have planned to build a very nice crate on Wednesday to do the transport back to the zoo because he was in bad condition. He is probably getting a lot of better attention at this time. It think that he was probably not having enough food. At this time we’re giving all the care we can have, we have we have all the people here that can take care of the jaguar really well. The animal is in care of the Belize Zoo. At this time we have a special diet after consultations with the consulting we designed a special diet of liver, boiled eggs, we are getting a special canine cat food. It’s going be a while. Normally, an animal can get very sick, very quickly but recovering it takes a little so I can’t anticipate how long he would recover but we are given the maximum care to this cat. We are hoping, that’s our intention to me. The jaguars are very important, they are endangered species and we how that this animal can be back to their jaguar species.”

Umberto expressed his gratitude for those who were instrumental in saving Lucky Boy.

UMBERTO WAHLERS, Head of Animal Management (Belize Zoo)
“Well, all I can say is thanks to the Forest Department officer Ms. Jasmine Ramos and Mr. Nathaniel from Indian Creek who rendered in assistance in making this transport to happen and to Tony Gabriel and Gladimir, these guys are from the Zoo, who helped in bringing the jaguar safe to the Zoo. His new name is Lucky Boy. He is lucky to be here at the zoo and be alive. Our director is very good in finding names and her father for giving her that lucky name. His old name was Bash.”