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I don't see anyone with an excuse. If he wasn't paying them, ok. But anybody could have called for help. To just leave them there is criminal. Karas is to blame to be sure, but somebody operational on the ground should have made a simple phone call weeks ago.

"Someone operational on the ground .."

And which unpaid person might that be?

There had to be quite a few staff around, whether they were being paid or not. Since it closed in May, without at least security guards and maintenance staff the whole place would have been ransacked by now.

As I said, the jaguars were kept not in a pen at the House of the Jaguar Lodge a mile or two away but in a cage near the main building at the Indian Creek Lodge, which is right on the Southern Highway.

Anyone who was coming to work was just steps away from the jaguars. Paid or not, any human being has an obligation to help a poor starving animal locked up in a cage without food or water, or at least to notify somebody about it. The Ya'axche rangers are nearby.

But, again, the buck stops with the top guy. You don't just go away for months and assume that everything is going to be taken care of.

Any and all on those grounds, including the owners, are responsible.

The not or low wages paid, to the point of neglecting (for Belize) fair pay, are the full responsibility of the owner. Whichever way this story gets twisted, the owners have to assume full responsibility, by legal force if necessary.

A full investigation should include an examination of the fiscal side of the operation. The business report seems to claim that it is up to a 25M annual operation. I would think that in order to determine responsibility, an in depth look at who was being how much to do what would be part of the study. All operating permits need to be officially rescinded immediately and all assets frozen.

A full investigation should include an examination of the fiscal side of the operation. The business report seems to claim that it is up to a 25M annual operation. I would think that in order to determine responsibility, an in depth look at who was being how much to do what would be part of the study. All operating permits need to be officially rescinded immediately and all assets frozen.

Based on my observations of their guest counts and from what I heard, Belize Lodge & Excursions was nowhere near a $25 million business. Closer to $2 million, if that.

Their site I was on a couple days ago has been taken down.

This site notes up to 25M and 100 employees!search/profile/company?companyId=12864283&targetid=profile

However, what needs to be done now, other than some general population jail time, is dig to the bottom of the entire scheme and develop policy so that it cannot happen again.

This lawsuit might help shed some light on how it works

Rescued black jaguar now at the Zoo

Yesterday, TBZ officials, working in concert with the Forest Department, successfully rescued the emaciated and sickly black jaguar from an abandoned resort southern Belize. Far too weak to withstand anaesthesia as a strategy to aid in his being transferred to the Zoo, a crate was constructed at TBZ on Wednesday, and taken to the jaguar's home the following day. Then, with much patience and some good beef liver, the thin and sickly cat was gently convinced to enter the crate. Once inside, the door was slowly lowered, and "Lucky Boy" (his new name) began the long journey to his new quarters. "Lucky Boy" quickly settled in and again was fed some nice beef liver and cooked eggs. It will take a bit of time to get "Lucky Boy" fit and beautiful, and we look forward to his being a proud on-site Belize Zoo black jaguar for all to admire!

" The Belize Zoo It will be some time before he's on main exhibit. Lucky Boy needs some tender love and care off scene for a while before he's strong enough to meet his admirers. As for the resort, Forestry and the Police Department are on the case, as far as we know. Apparently workers' salaries were neglected as much as poor Lucky Boy. Let this be a lesson that wildlife should NOT be kept as pets or for purely for show. They belong in the wild, not at resorts, and, for those that need aid, there are rehab and care centers like the Zoo. A HUGE thanks to Forest Department and the BWCN for their support in this effort. We are all overjoyed to have saved such a beautiful cat from such an ugly fate."

The Belize Zoo

Sadly, this is not the only lodge or hotel in Belize that keeps wild animals (including jaguars and other wild cats, monkeys, quash, toucans and other native birds) for display. Anyone who has done any traveling around Belize knows this.


Workers from the Belize Lodge & Excursion in Punta Gorda are disgruntled of unpaid wages and have taken steps to address the situation. Paul Mahung reports.

“Workers of a lodge in Toledo remain very concerned about their unpaid wages. The Belize Lodge and Excursion is located in Indian Creek Village, Toledo and a number of workers of the Lodge have had enough of waiting for their duly unpaid wages. This situation triggered off a reason for a group of workers and villagers to wait at the front gate of the Lodge as explained by Indian Creek village chairman Romero Coc.”

ROMERO COC, Village Chairman (Indian Creek)
“Thursday night July 2012 information was that owner of the Belize Lodge and Excursion Company was coming in the village and immediately workers gathered to wait for him in front of the company gate. Upon his arrival workers attempted to have a talk with him but he refused to do so and instead he sped off in his vehicle. Late that morning police arrived at the scene and interviewed several workers on the date and months they were owed by the company. Having reliably informed that Mr. Carlos was still in the village police was sent to get him which they did. Both Carlos and Mr. Nathaniel Moss, the manager was then brought to the police station.

“Chairman Coc also spoke of what transpired at the Punta Gorda Police Station and payment plan.

ROMERO COC, Village Chairman (Indian Creek)
“Workers were asked to make formal statement to the police station PG Branch regarding their pay but sad to say upon their arrival none of the workers were given a chance to voice their concern in person at the station. At the station, myself, Romero Coc; labor officer, Mr. Ramos, detective, inspector Dominquez, Mr. Kenneth, Mr. Nathaniel Moss conveyed in a room at the station to negotiate and demand a payment plan if the owner cannot pay for it. Mr. Carlos agreed to give the first payment on August 3rd, 2012 and thereafter payments proceed every thirty days until all workers are paid. Defaulting in payment will lead to court case filling at the Magistrate Court by the Labor Department and Labor Officer PG Branch.”

“Coc further commented that from his investigation there are twenty eight unpaid workers from Indian Creek and many others from other nearby communities who have not been paid by the management of the Belie Lodge and Excursion for work done ranging for a period of two months to over a year. Reporting for Love News, Paul Mahung, Punta Gorda.”


Black Jaguar "Bosh" Now Named "Lucky Boy"

Last night we told you about the black jaguar named Bosh who was rescued from an abandoned tourist Lodge in the Toledo District. We reported that he was rescued by the wildlife conservation network - but actually, it was the Belize Zoo that did the job. Zoo staff built a transfer crate, coaxed the cat inside with beef liver and took him on a three and a half hour ride to the zoo. He could not be tranquilized due to his extremely poor health.

He is now at the zoo where his name has been changed from Bosh to Lucky Boy. He is being nourished with a specialized feline diet to build up his strength.

You can check the zoo's facebook page for updates on his condition.

Channel 7

Owner of Belize Lodge and Excursions catching heat

The Belize Lodge and Excursions in the Toledo District has found itself in the center of controversy. That is after a famished black jaguar was found on the property of the abandoned resort. This past Saturday, the Belize Wildlife Conservation Network (BWCN) received a tip about the distressed jaguar and the team quickly responded to the area, where they immediately attempted to render aid to the much weakened cat – Bosch. One of the employees of the Belize Lodge shared with PGTV the deteriorated condition of the animal.

Journalist, PGTV
The lodge has been closed?

Former Employee 1
Yes it has been closed since April.

So do you guys know about the jaguar that was back there and the monkeys and what happened to them?

Former Employee 1
Yeah there is this old man who used to take good care of them, but it looks like when he stopped, no one fed the animals. People are saying that sometimes that Manager that lives here goes there and gives the jaguar two or three pounds of neck and back, but I don't think that will help these animals.

Bosch was much too fragile however, to be transferred from the area and so plans were made to rehabilitate him there, and then transfer him to the Belize Zoo. Meanwhile, attention has been shifted to Managing Director of the resort, Ken Karas. And while he is placing blame on an unnamed manager for the deterioration of the cat, the Forest Department is saying that the Karas was not even authorized to be possession of the cat. In addition, workers of Karas are up in arms because they say they have not been paid for an extended period of time.

Former Employee 2
I worked there for a year, but he doesn't like to pay.

Do they owe you money right now?

Former Employee 3
Yes Sir. Here is my time keeper that tracks my time; you can take a look at it. I stopped working in February.

How many months do they owe you for?

Former Employee 3
All of this here, for about a hundred and ten days.

Have you been to the Labor Department?

Former Employee 3
Yes I have and they are telling me that they don't have time and that they are trying to call Karas, but they can find him.

Former Employee 4
I only got one week pay and I need to get three more days. They haven't finished paid me as yet.

So they still owe you money?

Former Employee 4
Yes, they still owe me three more days, but they only pay twenty seven dollars a day and they are not to pay like that, they are to pay at least thirty dollars a day.

As for Bosch, well he now goes by the name Lucky Boy and he is quickly settling in at the Belize Zoo recuperating in an animal friendly and very healthy environment.