Two years ago I stayed with Belize Lodge at two of their camps. I did not stay at Ballum Na, so can't comment about that particular property. But I've got to say that we should not jump the gun and blame the owners for what has happened fully. It is truly a shame for such beautiful animals to have suffered so much. But sometimes, hired help do not perform their duties no matter what is done by management and/or owners. I persnally met Mr. Karas at one of the camps and had a conversation with him. It is highly aplausable what he has done in Belize. Visiting the two properties clearly marks how much he cares about the environment and his nature preservation thoughts. He has preserved so much land in southern Belize that could have been otherwise exploited. Furthermore, most of his employees are local Mayans who would most likely not have a job otherwise. So yes, this is horrible and needs to be investigated. But to blame him single handedly without further evaluation of this situation is clearly wrong.