Overnight tourism arrivals continue to show strong performance. Thefirst half of the year ended with a 9% increase in Overnight arrivals compared to the same period last year.

The second quarter of the year, meaning the months from April to June show an overall increase of 9% in overnight arrivals meaning that the were 5,791 more tourist heads in beds compared to the same period last year.

May was most impressive with a 14.6% increase over last year. Also in May, there was a 20% increase in airport arrivals.

June was not far behind with a 13.1% increase over last year's recorded figure. But while overnight tourism is up - the bad news is that Cruise Tourism numbers are down.

For the second consecutive year, fewer cruise tourists visited in March, April, May and June.

How many less? A whopping 60 thousand! The BTB says that the decline is because of fewer ship arrivals in summer - but that doesn't account for the sharp falloff. Overall, the cruise sector is down six percent so far for this year.

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