Belize’s Olympians return home

After two weeks of competition at the Olympics Games 2012 in London, the closing ceremony was held on Sunday celebrating the amazing sporting feats of the athletes who had taken part in the games. Taking home the most medals was the United States with one hundred and four overall; followed by China with eighty-eight medals. And while unfortunately Belize was unable to medal, our athletes—Kaina Martinez, Kenneth Medwood and Eddermys Sanchez—represented the Jewel well. The Belizean populace was proud and hopeful as Martinez and Medwood made their mark in qualifying round of their respective track and field competitions. The Olympians returned home this afternoon and News Five caught up with them at the Philip Goldson International Airport.

Kaina Martinez, Athlete

Kaina Martinez

“Just being at the Olympics itself is a dream come true; it is something that I’ve wanted to do and being there was like one of the happiest moments that I’ve ever had in my life. With all the limitations and the things I had to go through to reach there—the hard work—it actually showed me that nothing is impossible. You just have to have the heart, gotta believe in yourself and just keep working; just tell yourself you’ll never quit despite of what it is that you have to go through to reach there.”

Eddermys Sanchez

Eddermys Sanchez, Athlete

“It was amazing to have the opportunity to defend this country; that even over there, just the top of the competitions that everybody wants to be there and Belize was there. Few of the times, we get the Belize flag with a picture of that defending this country—get on the map—with Belize flag on the front; that was nice. I know this country is ready for the sports and we are waiting for more support to can do it better every time and help new generations to get better in the sports. At this level, just few mistakes makes a difference and training is what makes you don’t do mistakes. More training that you have more competition that you have, more opportunity that you have.”

Kaina Martinez

“I do look forward to 2016; look forward to it with more support because I definitely need the support to keep on training and actually have a planned trained program to do that. I am running against athletes who have planned programme and have been working years to reach to the Olympics with coaches and all that. So once I get the support that I need, I am very much up to the challenge to bring out the best in me because that’s just a part of what I can give. I just hope that Belize on a whole will look out for more athletes who are talented because we have the talent. Let us invest in our athletes and be there throughout—not just for the Olympics—be there from the beginning; support our athletes; do something bigger of it. I mean sports in a whole could bring so much to Belize if much more investment is put into it.”

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