A few minutes ago, a new exhibition-dedicated entirely to local cuisine-was officially launched at the Image Factory. Freelance reporter Janelle Chanona got a chance to preview the presentation this afternoon and spoke with organizer Tanya McNab.

Tanya McNab
"We are showing a lot of our food photography. We also try to show a different spin on the natural ingredients. What you will see here is a lot of images of raw ingredients or things that are being grown in the fields and things like that. Things hopefully nobody has seen before from the cookbook."

Janelle Chanona
"Were you surprise by anything that you discovered from this culinary journey?"

Tanya McNab
"Many things - I wouldn't even know where to start on that. But definitely I was by no means nearly educated as I am now as to the different food and which one really belongs to each culture and things that I grew up in but never really ever make connections with or figure out. Coconut is one on them - coconut is what makes a dish creole - like that's why creole bread is named creole bread because it's the coconut milk and things like that."

"We want them to leave with an appreciation of where all these dishes came from and the influence that the cultures have on the food."

If you missed tonight's opening, don't worry the exhibition will be on display for the entire month of September. We'll have more on the exhibition's launch in tomorrow night's newscast.

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