Councilor Kenrick Brackett met with the media on Tuesday, September, 5, 2012, to explain about the recommended vehicle types and sizes. Traffic flow and congestion on the island is in a bad state and Brackett explained that the committee believes that by standardizing the size and type of vehicles being imported into the island the problem can be alleviated, to a certain extent. Below are the recommended sizes that the committee may entertain when applying. This does not mean that the application will be automatically approved and the committee will not entertain applications for vehicles that exceed the following recommended sizes.

Also announced during the meeting was that as of November 15, 2012, only half hour parking will be allowed on Barrier Reef and Pescador Drive. Traffic wardens will be assigned to closely monitor these two main streets to properly implement this new law. As to other options for where businesses and residents can park their vehicles during the working day, there has not been any given by the Town Council.

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