Sep 27, 2012
Belize’s regionally high internet price
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Belize is one of the least competitive economies; that was confirmed today by the Minister with responsibility for Technology, Joy Grant, at the launch of the national energy policy. As to technology, the percentage of Belizeans with access to internet Belize is at the bottom of the list, compared to other countries in the region. In fact, Belize is only better off than Haiti.

Senator Joy Grant, Minister, Ministry of ESCT&PU
“The Global Competitiveness Index report of 2012 ranks Belize as one of the least competitive economies in the world. We are ranked one hundred and twenty-three out of one hundred and forty-two countries. In the region, only Haiti has a lower rank. On further analysis, we note that on technological readiness indices, Belize is ranked one hundred and one for internet users per every hundred people in the population and ranks one hundred and thirty-two of one hundred and forty-two countries for the foreign direct investment and technology transfer. With regard to communication and information technology in the region, Barbados has a seventy percent ICT penetration for internet. Costa Rica, which is closer to Belize in size and topography, has thirty percent penetration. Belize has ten percent penetration; Belize City being the highest and Punta Gorda being the lowest. We have been actively considering initiatives to provide Belizeans with internet at an affordable price. It has been documented that there is a direct correlation between internet connectivity and economic growth. A ten percent increase in connectivity, results in zero point six to one point two percent GDP growth. An increase in growth will mean more employment and more persons emerging from poverty and hopelessness. This will have an impact on our educational system, our investment strategies, and our development priority.”

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My questions are, with the Government talking about the internet do you feel they will move on the situation and bring change and if so, is there anything we can do to keep it in the front of the line of all that is on the agenda for the Government?